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safe birth after GA & respiratory arrest last time ??

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user1465345500 Thu 09-Jun-16 14:20:06

Hi all,
Recently found out i'm around 7/8 weeks pregnant with baby number 3.
Both previous pregnancy's have been fine up til birth. Both were back to back, needed forceps with 1 & emergency section with the other.
So my youngest is 8 months. Had to have a GA as the spinal didn't work. This caused me to have a respiratory arrest & took my baby 6 minutes to breathe by himself.

I'm just trying to find out if anyone has had a similar experience & gone on to safely have another child ??
Pregnancy wasn't planned, but now it's here I dont want to end it. But also need to think of my other children & the impact on them if I have the same experience.. If not worse.
No horrible comments please, just looking for anyone in similar boat.

Wheredidsummergo112 Thu 09-Jun-16 15:13:24

I'm not surprised your concerned after what happened last time. i would strongly advise you call the local midwifery service or GP and explain the circumstances and that although it early days it's very important for you to have a discussion with a Dr who specialises in anesthesia about this. Mumsnets okay for getting a bit of advice but this is a big decision and you need to understand the medical evidence about whether there is a risk of this happening again and what they can do to mitigate that risk.

Was this the only time you've ever had GA? If not did you react ok other times?

The only thing I could suggest is that you go for VBAC to avoid any need for spinal or GA. if needed you could try also epidural rather than spinal this time.

I think you need proper medical advice on this one

user1465345500 Thu 09-Jun-16 15:25:36

Thanks for your response.
I am contacting the doctors, i've just not come across any of the issues I had whilst trying to research so was hoping to find someone that had.
Yes i've had a GA before for something else & it was absolutley fine.
I had an epidural with my first birth, but that didn't work either.. Well not for longer than 10 minutes. It would seem that my body likes to fight everything.

Sunnydays321 Sun 12-Jun-16 07:35:26

Hi sorry you've had such a horrible experience in the post. If you tell your midwife at booking she will refer you not only to an obstetric consultant but you should also be referred to an anaesthetic consultant (if you aren't offered t ask for it). They can look at all the various options, different medications/anaesthetics that can be tried next time and make a solid plan which will be filed in your notes, and it will be likely that a consultant anaesthetist will be alerted when you are in labour or at elcs. Like pp said if you try for vbac, with a previous vaginal delivery you have a good chance of success and not needing any type of anaesthetic. Or you can book an elcs, which is much less rushed than emcs and they will have time to ensure spinal working. This is something the cons will discuss with you. X

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