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Bacteria in stiches - 2nd degree tear

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Katienew26 Tue 07-Jun-16 09:55:58

Hello all, I'm hoping for some advice.
I gave birth 7 weeks ago and had a second degree tear which was stiched up at the time. When the wound was checked a week or two after the birth it looked infected and a swab was taken. This came back saying there was bacteria present and I was given a course of antibiotics which were safe to take with BF. These did not work. I went back and was given another course of antibiotics but these were stronger and not safe to BF with. I've had to put baby on formula and am expressing like mad to keep up my milk supplies as want to presume BF after the course.
These did not work either and I was given another course which I've just come to the end of and still have discharge so don't think they have worked either.
Does anybody have any experience with infected stiches and can offer any advice on what I can do to help it clear up? I've been having salt baths every night and putting tea tree oil and detol in the bath as well but doesn't seem to be helping? Thank you

A1Sharon Tue 07-Jun-16 17:36:07

Hi OP, have you had the wound re-swabbed?
Also, could you ask for a referral to tissue viability?
Is it definitely coming from the stitched area? Could it be higher up? I presume the stitches are gone now, do you mean the stitched area has never healed?
Lots of questions,sorry!
Congratulations on your new baby.

Katienew26 Tue 07-Jun-16 20:48:28

I've had three swabs taken. The first two came back saying the bacteria was present and still waiting for the third but suspect it will say the same thing. The Dr said he can't see any stiches so presume they've dissolved. I'm not sure whether the wound has healed but am going back on Friday so will be asking more questions this time! The strange thing is I've had no pain throughout all of this....

Katienew26 Tue 07-Jun-16 20:53:48

Oh and what is tissue viability? I can certainly ask for a referral if it could help. I'm even considering driving down to the coast and swimming in the sea salt water to see if that helps. No idea if it would make any difference though.
Thank you for your reply

A1Sharon Tue 07-Jun-16 22:56:47

Hi Katienew26, sorry, tissue viability is a specialist nurse that deals with tissue/healing/wounds etc.
I was numb for ages after giving birth, and nearly 4 months after an abdo op still have numbness/loss of sensation. It'll come back, so don't worry about no pain.
If it's your GP your seeing maybe ask about tissue viability or referral to someone else who deals with this. If the antibiotics aren't working personally I wouldn't take them and would breast feed, but that is just my opinion. Start to insist on getting further treatment though, there is no pint throwing antibiotics at it if it isn't working. You want to feed and get on with life/healing.

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