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Air bubble in vagina & post-birth stitches

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TiffanyAtBreakfast Fri 03-Jun-16 01:05:13

TMI thread coming up... I'm almost 3 weeks post-baby, and my stitches had started to feel a lot better. Had been in a LOT of pain but it has settled a bit and I can actually sit down now without too much agony. However today, I seem to have this horrible feeling of an air bubble deep inside my vagina which needs to pop / come out but never does confused it's really uncomfortable, sore and sometimes a bit itchy as well... I have no idea what the problem is. Has anyone experienced anything similar? A bit of Googling says pelvic floor exercises might help, but doing them makes it feel worse.

So worried and fed up as I thought everything was starting to get slowly back to normal down there sad

locomomma Fri 03-Jun-16 08:55:33

That sounds v unpleasant- reckon you should go to GP to be checked out. Never experienced this myself.

Junosmum Fri 03-Jun-16 10:47:18

Could it have been a farther that's got stuck? I've had that a few times since giving birth. It was worrying me but another new mum started a thread about it and it appears to be quite common after birth.

Junosmum Fri 03-Jun-16 10:48:15

Fart not farther!

TiffanyAtBreakfast Fri 03-Jun-16 18:01:26

Hah I was wondering how a farther could get stuck...! Thanks for the replies. Think I'll make a GP appt tomorrow if it's still hanging around, it feels horrible!

abbsismyhero Fri 03-Jun-16 18:14:17

take a bath? maybe the air will pop out?

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