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C section choices team

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Isitmeyourlooking4 Tue 31-May-16 09:22:37

Iv just met my consultant who has agreed to a c section. I have to meet with a choices team? Does anyone know anything about this? What happens?

hopeful31yrs Tue 31-May-16 17:15:03

I had to go to a "birth choices" clinic with my first to go through my reasons for c section and so I fully understood the implications. I however didn't get the response I was looking for - the midwife I saw said I couldn't choose which way I wanted to give birth and I got railroaded (ended up with natural birth but with all the complications I feared in the first place). I think these sessions are just to find out you fully understand but I came up against someone with a bee in their bonnet and wasn't the right person to council me. My advice is read the nice guidance, be clear on your reasons for c section and take support (other half or an advocate). It's ultimately your choice and if you're not happy say so.

All the best - I am going to go through this again with my second and fully prepared!

Isitmeyourlooking4 Tue 31-May-16 17:43:02

Thank you!

The consultant agreed straight away, she said she saw no reason why I shouldn't have it. So fingers crossed! I'm 32 weeks now and she wants to see me in 5. She's wrote in my notes "book section at 37 weeks" so hopefully I will get it x

hopeful31yrs Wed 01-Jun-16 16:51:34

A Consultant can agree but NICE guidelines state you still have to see various people and these tend to include the lead person in the midwife team and also can include a psychologist just so that they have gone through the technicalities of saying you are fully aware of what you've asked for - major surgery.

If the Consultant has agreed then it sounds like a formality - in my case I had to go through the midwife before seeing the Consultant and they were more concerned about their C-section figures where I was than listening to my concerns.

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