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Anyone giving / given birth in Ryedale area?

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YorkshireMummy0516 Mon 30-May-16 18:49:21

Hi All,

I'm being booked for induction this week and need to decide on York or Scarborough. Since I'll have to stay on labour ward (and not the MLU at Scarborough), does anyone have any opinions which could help me decide on which hospital?? I live smack in the middle of them so distance / time not a deciding factor.

I was thinking Scarborough looked outdated, fewer facilities available and tiny and York has lots of shops / coffee places for when I'm sent for a wander, but then I read that York staff are overstretched and generally stressed. So instead of googling I'm asking for first hand experiences smile

Also, what the heck is a 'home from home' room (which York has 5 of, Scarb has 1) and an amenity room (York again)??

Thanks all

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