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Derby Royal v QMC

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whyistherenoavocadoemoji Sat 28-May-16 08:36:52

Anyone have good/awful experiences of the midwife-led units at these? I'm right between the two.

Really keen on a water birth and I understand that QMC Sanctuary has 4 rooms each with a pool (2 inflatable though), whereas the Birth Centre at Derby Royal has 4 room but only 1 pool. Derby Royal looks newer though and has lovely lighting etc.

It's hard to see either on their websites (the "tour" videos are useless) and they won't do tours in person, totally understandably.

Did anyone else choose between these two?


Socksandslippers Sun 05-Jun-16 04:29:35

Derby is a lovely hospital, the labour room was fantastic. I don't think there are many birthing pools and when I was there it was in use. Don't know about qmc but have heard good reports

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