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Questions to ask on a hospital tour?

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LillianFullStop Thu 26-May-16 22:45:03

I have two hospital tours (one private and one NHS) coming up and would like some advice on questions or things I should be looking out for? Things I have in mind:

- Can my partner stay overnight?
- Reasons why would require a longer stay in post natal ward (I would really love to be able to go home after 1-2 days!)
- How many beds to a ward
- policy with bringing food in (I've read during labour to bring food with you as you never know how long you'll be there for and what food options are available!)
- Post natal ward care - how often do midwives check on you in postnatal ward or do they only come when you buzz?
- Private hospital (what are the additional costs not covered in package)

BaskingTrout Fri 27-May-16 13:45:53

ask what hospital policy is on things like nappies, formula etc. do they provide them? do you need to bring your own? TBH whatever they say, I would bring some anyway, even if you're planning on BF its probably worth having some little bottles of ready made formula as a back up. and you can go through an awful lot of nappies very quickly!!!

they will probably tell you about parking but if they don't, check if there is a drop off point/short stay area for getting you there. at my hospital there was a section of 20 minute parking spaces right outside so you didn't have to trek across the car park. total godsend!!

LillianFullStop Fri 27-May-16 15:58:25

Thanks Basking I'll definitely add those questions to my list!!

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