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Does my EMCS scar look normal 4 months on?

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MYA2016 Wed 25-May-16 10:36:31

I had my DC1 by emcs 4 months ago. All was fine following the op but I did develop some infections in the scar over the weeks.
I'm now 4.5 months down the line and the scar is very itchy and can feel quite sore, more so now than a month ago. I've noticed it still appears quite red too.
I'm not bothered cosmetic wise as it's under my knicker line anyway, I just think it looks a bit angry? Can anyone tell me if you think this looks okay?

welshweasel Wed 25-May-16 10:41:15

Looks better than mine! ELCS 4 months ago. It looks great actually. The itching is normal.

welshweasel Wed 25-May-16 10:41:49

The redness will take a year or so to improve.

Foofoobum Wed 25-May-16 10:43:00

That looks fine. Mine was insanely itchy for a year but the area was numb so I couldn't relieve it by scratching. I'm 6yrs on and you can't see the scar at all.

GoulashSoup Wed 25-May-16 10:48:02

It looks normal to me too. Three years on the redness is gone. Mine had patches of itchy and patches of numb. I massaged it with bio oil which I think helped with the itching.

QueenMolotov Wed 25-May-16 12:52:25

That is a beautiful scar, and smaller in width than my ELCS scar!

Give it another 8 months or so, and it will have faded to a silvery-white colour. If you grow your pubic hair, you won't see it at all smile

teaandcake789 Wed 25-May-16 13:15:06

Looks good to me. Don't forget it takes up to 6months to fully heal, possibly even more if it was infected. Itching is healing (hence why scabs can itch so much!). The redness is also normal and will disappear in time. Mine is now so faint I struggle to find it (my csection was 12 year ago)

welshweasel Wed 25-May-16 13:38:40

I actually think this is just a bit of a stealth're looking amazing. I can't see my scar unless I hold up my enormous apron of belt fat grin

welshweasel Wed 25-May-16 13:38:57

Belt fat? Belly fat obvs

MYA2016 Wed 25-May-16 16:47:50

Thanks all that's reassuring to know. I don't put anything on it so I'll start bio oil and wait.
Welshweasel my tummy has always been the only thing that didn't suffer too bad in pregnancy.... boobs, ass and legs did not not survive pregnancy well!
I swear they did lipo and a tummy tuck during cesarean as I put on 3.5 stone when pregnant grin

Bishybishybarnabee Thu 26-May-16 21:05:25

It looks pretty similar to how mine looked at 4 months (I did a scar reduction trial from 5 months so have the photos!). Now at 14 months post EMCS you can barely see it.

summerdreams Sat 28-May-16 20:51:54

Stomach looks amazing and my scar never looked that good to at least a year in and still doesn't look as neat. envy

Zaurak Mon 30-May-16 09:20:02

It looks amazing! Wish mine was that short... Mine is at least half that length again!

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