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Question about subsequent births after an induction

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MyBreadIsEggy Mon 23-May-16 15:59:08

I was induced with DD - ridiculously fast induction! 3 hours after my first contractions, DD was born.
I'm now expecting DC2.
Has anyone gone into spontaneous labour second time round and had a much quicker delivery?!
Obviously there's no way of knowing if DD arrived so quickly because of the induction or whether that's just the way my body labours, but it has made me very anxious about the possibility of an even quicker delivery this time confused
Anyone got any experiences of spontaneous labour after a fast induction?

Annabrooke90 Tue 24-May-16 09:33:58

Hi yes smile.

I had an induction with ds1 at almost two weeks past term. As I was favourable for breaking my waters to induce me, that is what they did. They broke them at 11am and ds was born at 3.30pm.

With ds2 I naturally thought labour would be even faster. Well I went into labour on my own on my due date, it went on for 5 whole days (contractions all day stopping at night for a few hour) he was born at 40+5. Once they broke my waters at 7cm it only took an hour to be fully dilated. It turned out he was back to back to that's what made it so slow.

Ds3 again was spontaneous, contractions began at 37+1, very slow again as he was in a bad position. Gave birth at 38 weeks. Once they broke my waters at 5-6cm he was born within the hour.

Ds4, I had been having lots of signs from 29 weeks. Got to just before 34 weeks and regular contractions started this was a Wednesday. Went up to triage, got told I wasn't in labour and I wouldn't have a baby in the next 2 weeks (negative actum partis test) i knew it was wrong as I'd done this enough times to know I was in slow labour. Thursday I went back up they gave me steriod jabs "just incase" Saturday morning I went back up and was examined properly this time, was 5cm...I had him 4 hours after that. Again he was back to back. But my waters remained intact right until pushing.

So for me my induction was wayy faster than my spontaneous births. I understand I'm probably just strange though grin

MyBreadIsEggy Tue 24-May-16 09:48:05

I don't know if my induction was fast because my waters had already gone before the pessary and drip and all that jazz?!

Highlove Wed 25-May-16 13:42:49

Bumping this as am ten weeks away from EDD with number two after a similarly quick induction first time round. Am obviously hoping for spontaneous labour this time but slightly nervous about it all being super quick and giving birth in traffic on the way to hospital!

teaandcake789 Wed 25-May-16 13:52:01

Induction with dc1, 2cm - they broke waters and stuck me on the drip. 12hrs later I was still 2cm and dd was starting to become distressed so ended up with emcs.
Dc2 - spontaneous 52hr labour, vbac.
Dc3 - spontaneous 14hrs vbac
Dc4 - spontaneous 4hr vbac

Dc2&3 I did have sweeps the day before labour began though. Dc4 i had 2 sweeps both unsuccessful (the second was 5 days before he was born) so it was completely spontaneous (and frankly horrendously bad timing wink )

FurryGiraffe Wed 25-May-16 13:59:06

I had an induction (pessary) and fast labour with DS1- four hours start to finish.

With DS2 it was spontaneous. I had about 24 hrs of latent phase- on/off contractions with no pattern or consistency, then suddenly snapped into regular contractions every 2 1/2 mins. DS2 born 2 1/2 hours later. We were at the hospital about 30 mins before delivery. Midwife recommends home birth next time grin(there won't be a next time!)

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