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Previous 3rd degree tear pregnant again

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cheekymummy89 Mon 23-May-16 10:48:57

Just looking for people that may have experienced a 3rd degree tear and gone on to have a vb again. I was referred to a consultant when I was at my mw appointment to go through previous notes and she said that there are no concerns and she is happy to let me have another vb. I'm thrilled with the outcome as I wanted to avoid a cs as much as possible. I have now been referred to a consultant midwife who is going to discuss the labour with me and my method of delivery, I've mentioned that I would like a water birth this time and so far all health care professionals have said it's a great choice. What I'm wondering is, have any of you ladies delivered again after a 3rd degree tear and what was the outcome.. was it more positive, was it the same again? How was recovery and how long did they keep you in? I'm just trying to prepare myself and hubby with the just in case scenario. Consultant said there obviously is a chance of it happening again but the chance isn't necessarily higher than someone who hasn't tore before. I can't help but keep thinking about it as I'm now reaching the last 8 weeks of pregnancy.
Thankyou in advance

SharingMichelle Mon 23-May-16 10:52:54

My advice is to try to get the most experienced person possible to assist in the pushing advice. Be that midwife or doula or whoever. I am convinced that my first 2 tears were due to inexperienced midwives telling me to push too hard and fast (they were trainees). 3rd and final birth (after 2 nasty tears) I had a very confident, competent and experienced woman guiding me and I didn't tear.

Bisghetti Mon 23-May-16 11:00:48

I'm not in the UK but my consultant said the most important thing was having very experienced staff with you to deliver the baby and help guide you through the second stage. In the end I opted for a csection on medical advice as I had a 3c tear with ds1 and testing (rectal ultrasound and pressure resistance test...ugh) showed I had some pressure resistance issues that a natural birth could have made worse even if I didn't tear again. I have heard many positive stories of subsequent births after third degree tears, though. My sister is a midwife and she's delivered a number of babies for women in this situation who have wonderful second births.

cheekymummy89 Mon 23-May-16 11:01:03

Thankyou for your reply sharingmichelle I believe it had something to do with the midwife too as she was very hands on constantly touching and telling me to push like she wanted it over with quickly. My labour lasted 1hr 40mins according to my old notes. My mw has warned me that I do not need to push and that I can breathe baby out which will be less stressful on my body. She also advised me to say no to being cut as this can make my old scar tear again just as bad. She said a water birth is a great choice as no mw is allowed to touch me whilst in water lol. Hubby has said he will keep a note of what I do and don't want so he can talk on my behalf if I can't.

fruttidibosco Mon 23-May-16 11:05:40

I had a 3rd degree tear during my first birth. Got the all clear for a second vb and was absolutely fine. Second labour a lot easier and have suffered no ill effect from either

Cakescakescakes Mon 23-May-16 11:08:46

3b tear and second birth was piece of cake! Both inductions. Had an episiotomy second time round as my scar tissue looked like it was going to tear open. This was fine and easily stitched in the labour suite. Second baby was 10lb which didn't help! I wasn't allowed a water birth second time as they wanted to monitor the pushing but it was fine. And I had an experienced senior midwife assuring with the delivery.

cheekymummy89 Mon 23-May-16 11:14:17

It's lovely to hear you all had positive deliveries second time round. I mean don't get me wrong I know not everyone is so lucky but it gives me hope at least knowing it can be a positive experience second time. Mine happened nearly 8 years ago which mw said helps too as it has had plenty of time to heal etc. I had no problems after it happening I was up and about the same day and home 2 days later with just a few paracetamol to take. Out and about less than a week later. Just thinking what COULD happen but really don't want a cs I don't like needles nor do I like hospital stays anything more than a day or 2 and I panic and need be home.

Cakescakescakes Mon 23-May-16 11:24:28

Second time round I was home 9hrs after delivery! And out at the park with my eldest the next morning. It really gave me closure over what was a horrific first labour. I had a lot o f anxiety over the second delivery but staff were very understanding which helped a lot.

CoteDAzur Mon 23-May-16 11:28:42

" Consultant said there obviously is a chance of it happening again but the chance isn't necessarily higher than someone who hasn't tore before."

I'm surprised at this. In my pregnancy #2, the doctor following me said that there would be a 50% chance that I would need another episiotomy because scar tissue does not stretch as much as normal skin. That is when I started pushing for an elCS - best decision I have ever made.

pinguina16 Mon 23-May-16 12:47:42

Don't think the consultant you saw has up to date knowledge of risks of a severe tear after a previous severe tear.

notquitegrownup2 Mon 23-May-16 12:51:20

3rd degree tear here first time and more stiches than the Bayeux tapestry. No tear, and no cut second time around - 3.5 years later. Everything was so much more stretchy second time around.

cheekymummy89 Mon 23-May-16 18:33:18

I've heard mixed things some women saying they were warned the risk was higher and others the same as me. I personally know that it COULD happen again as it is scar tissue. To be honest I'm just looking to see what others say about their birth stories so I can be reassured a bit. Did any of you ladies give birth in a different position which you think may have helped?

cheekyfunkymonkey Mon 23-May-16 18:37:35

Another positive experience here. I had a water birth second time and didn't need to push. It was fast just over 3.5 hours and I did tear again but only 1st degree, and was stitched up on site, no issues. Good luck.

cheekymummy89 Mon 23-May-16 21:33:06

That's what mw said to me I'd be encouraged not to push this time and just breath that's what my appointment with consultant mw is for smile she will talk me through everything and help plan it. If the consultant was concerned I'm sure she would be pushing for a cs but she said looking at my previous notes she cannot see a reason why not to try again

Cantstopsmiling37 Tue 24-May-16 05:42:21

Hi, I had 3rd degree tear with my 2nd delivery and had scan and pressure test to see what risks were. I was fully healed so increased risk while there was only small.
I chose VB for this birth and while I did tear a little (2nd degree) I was sewn up in delivery suite with a little local anesthetic and could go home 6 hrs after birth. I have healed really well (6weeks pp) and no negative symptoms at all.

I had laboured in water for my second but got out to push. This time by time pool was full I couldn't bring myself to get in as I went from 5cm to baby out in less than an hour.

Advice about midwife is spot on. Midwife was good at guiding me this time, last time I think I didn't listen as midwives were constantly talking to me so I switched them off as talking pisses me off when I'm in pain. They most prob said all the right things but I didn't 'hear' them. I made sure I explained that to my midwife this time and she was brilliant only speaking to give me clear and essential instructions. I struggled to control pushing when head was coming though so think that's prob why I had the little tear.
Good luck - I must admit I agonised over it in the last few weeks too but soooo happy with outcome.

Tfoot75 Thu 26-May-16 12:26:12

I had 3a tear first time from water birth, saw consultant to get clearance for mlu for second birth, he said chances of repeat tear were 10% so not particularly high but much higher than first time round. I was one of the 10% and again had a 3a tear, again water birth and I didn't push this time although found crowning part extremely painful 2nd time. Both times recovery absolutely fine, no issues discharged next day and not particularly painful. I don't think I'd risk it a third time though as feel it's too big a risk to take with potential continence issues. I would make the same decision again though in retrospect knowing the recovery has been exactly the same.

WhiffyBiffer Thu 26-May-16 13:31:31

I had a 3rd deg tear with dc2. I was a bit apprehensive but consultant advised there was no reason not to go for another vb and not to underestimate the recovery of a c section.
In the event it was absolutely fine. The midwife was fantastic, I believe I was shouting 'don't let me tear don't let me tear!' At the critical moment so she couldn't exactly forget but in any case it was on my notes. I delivered this time on my knees and the midwife had her hand on dc3's head to prevent her coming out too fast.
So my story is positive.

There are no guarantees but I thought of it as with VB there's a risk of damage to the muscles, with c section theres a certainty that they cut through your stomach muscles.

cheekymummy89 Thu 26-May-16 15:57:00

Thankyou for your replies .. don't get me wrong if it happens again I certainly wouldn't have another vb if we ever decided to have more. I have asked consultant 100s of questions and she is happy to allow me have vb. But I do still have the option of cs if I change my mind in a few weeks. I just think the same there's only a chance of this happening again but if I have a cs it's guaranteed etc. Definitely a hard decision to make lol

CoteDAzur Thu 26-May-16 22:40:33

"as with VB there's a risk of damage to the muscles, with c section theres a certainty that they cut through your stomach muscles."

Don't be ridiculous. Nobody cuts through abdominal muscles in a CS. Muscles are pulled to the side, not cut.

MindfulBear Sat 04-Jun-16 01:39:14

Err there is a risk of damage to the muscles in a CS - the fascia are cut so muscle can be moved aside. The nerves are cut. There is a risk the muscle might get nicked.
So yes. It is not a walk in the park!!!

CoteDAzur Sat 04-Jun-16 16:59:56

Fascia are not muscle. Unless your doctor is drunk, there is practically zero chance of your abdominal muscles being cut during an elCS.

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