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Anybody told they couldn't have VBAC?

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ACubed Thu 19-May-16 09:57:21

Hi All,

Sorry if this should have been posted in another thread, I know there are a few on C-sections, but I just wanted some advice. After a long labour, my baby's heart rate kept dropping so I ended up with an emergency c-section. While I was still on the operating table, the doctor came and spoke to me about future births, all I can remember is "???????? so you may not be able to have a vaginal birth next time around".
I was so out of it it didn't register, and it's my own stupid fault for not following up at the hospital. I know from my notes they had to extend the cut to about 7 inches, and of course I will speak to GP etc when the time comes, but I wondered if anyone else had been told they shouldn't deliver vaginally after a CS?
At this point the thought of either is horrific, but trying to think ahead.
Many thanks,

Flymetothemoonrealsoon Thu 19-May-16 11:11:31

I haven't been refused VBAC but something similar happened to me after an operation. Not sure why the dr thinks you will remember these things when you are so out of it and none of the nurses knew what I was talking about and thought I was just off my head from the anaesthetic when I asked about it shock How long ago was this? I would get your notes from the hospital so that you can see if it says anything in there (it should be in there!) and also so that you have a record for future pregnancies. If it's not there I would get in contact with your midwifery service and ask them how you could find out more. A birth reflections meeting would be another opportunity to ask questions but I would make sure they know in advance that this is your main question so that they can research it properly. My birth reflections person just read my notes to me and couldnt answer my main question as it wasn't noted so it's worth pre warning as they may be able to ask someone who was there. If there is a reason you can't VBAC make sure it's documented and keep a copy yourself. You don't want all evidence of it to disappear and then have to fight for ELCS later. Good luck & congratulations on your baby!

SueGeneris Thu 19-May-16 11:17:35

I was told I could not deliver vaginally after my second CS. I had a rupture while attempting VBAC so the scar was much longer than a normal one and extended down. I had an ELCS for DC3. I definitely would not have wanted to risk a rupture again.

Definitely see if you can get a birth reflections appointment to go through your notes but it sounds a bit similar to mine in terms of longer scar.

ACubed Thu 19-May-16 12:17:18

Thanks so much for the advice, I hadn't even heard of a birth reflections meeting, I'll look into it.

anniebambammie Thu 19-May-16 16:10:51

ACubed, I was told before my planned-but-not-elective c section that if we went down this path that I'd have to have c sections in the future... I didn't even ask why, think I was still in shock at being told i needed a section! But I got the impression that it was because I was having one for my first and that doc doesn't take the risks with vbacs, maybe (which is fine by me- my brain is not equipped to take that risk either!) rather than because of a reason relating specifically to me if that makes sense.

BettyBi0 Fri 20-May-16 15:19:42

Some Drs just seem to be more wary than others when it comes to VBACs. There are some good reasons in particular cases e.g. if they had to make a large vertical incision first time, or if the mother goes long overdue etc. If there was some more unusual reason why he suggested you'd be unsuitable, it should be written somewhere in your discharge summary notes.

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