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woman who have had 5 or more children advice please

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sammyjayneex Mon 09-May-16 17:11:21

So to the woman who have had 5 or more children, what was the recovery like after your 5th labour? I'm 37 weeks pregnant and really worried about the recovery with the bleeding ect. Is it really worse because I know people say it is worse. Obviously I don't know what will happen and everyone is different but this fear is really strong and that's not going to be good whilst in labour. Also what's the pushing stage like on the 5th baby. I hate this stage. I found it hard with my 3rd to push her out whereas with my 4 she just pushed herself out because she was still in her waters so the waters broke as her head came out making it easier.
I'm really worried about getting the hospital in time. All this fear is getting to me right now!!!

dottyaboutstripes Mon 09-May-16 17:18:47

Try not to worry (I know, I KNOW!!)
My 5th labour was quite hard work and whilst the pushing stage wasn't that long it was painful - but it turned out he had a huge head.
I know they like to spout stuff about increased risk of haemorrhage but I researched it at the time because we were arguing about home birth and whilst I can't remember the exact numbers, I know the risk was only very slightly raised and was still very low.

5madthings Mon 09-May-16 17:24:21

I just had baby no 6, he is five weeks old.

Dd was number five her labour was fine, just under three hours and just a few pushes and she was out even though she was back to back.

Recovery was fine, honestly she was born on Sunday early hours morning and Monday eve I put her in sling and walked to the high school to see ds1 performing in a concert.

There are no guarantees with birth but if your previous births have been straightforward then every chance this one will be. I think you should talk to your midwife about your concerns maybe to help alleviate them.

Princesspinkgirl Mon 09-May-16 20:27:41

I'm pregnant with baby number 6 after number 3 they was all easy my last baby number 5 was a breeze fast labour no contraction pain after pains was fine

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