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Anyone not sent pictures out of their newborn?

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backonthewagon Sat 07-May-16 17:39:27

I don't mean putting them publicly on fb for all to see if immediate family haven't seen the baby yet, but not sending photos via text, whatsapp, private message on fb etc? Surely as long as you said please don't put on fb as family haven't seen the baby yet that would be OK? Just trying to think of reasons why you wouldn't send photos of your baby to your step mom (dad's deceased) or siblings?

Wellthen Sat 07-May-16 17:50:10

People are funny about their kids I guess. Or perhaps they've asked a certain family member not to put stuff on fb before and they've done it anyway.

Sometimes its easier to just have a blanket rule.

Are you the sibling or step mum?

backonthewagon Sat 07-May-16 20:30:14

My DP is the twin of the father.

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