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Possibly TMI: When will this baby show himself???

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BoopTheSnoot Fri 06-May-16 18:12:30

Currently 39+3 with DC2. Had an appointment with the obstetric consultant at my local hospital yesterday. He examined me and said that I'm about 2cm dilated, and that the neck of my womb is very thin and soft hmm
He gave me a stretch and sweep (OUCH!) which resulted in some bleeding and not much else. Had some on and off crampy pains last night that were pretty painful but nothing regular.
Today I've had a show, some heaviness and discomfort; but the main thing is bad vaginal and rectal pressure blush
Seriously, it feels like his head is right there as it were. Lots of shooting pains up there as well. Anyone had a similar experience to this? Any ideas on when I can expect to be able to snuggle my baby?

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