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Cervical Stitch means I cant go to Birth Centre?

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waterjungle Wed 04-May-16 18:23:34

I am currently 32 weeks with my first and am due to give birth at Queen Charlotte's, London.

The plan (as much as these things can be planned) is for a water birth or at least to start in the Birth Centre.

At 17 weeks I had to have a cervical stitch put in because I had LLETZ surgery about 12 years ago which left my cervix measuring slightly short - everything has been fine since then. All measurements since have been great and the stitch has stayed where it should be. It will be taken out at approx 37 weeks.

At the weekend I had to go up for some monitoring, everything was fine - I have a high anterior placenta which makes feeling kicks a bit more tricky sometimes.
However while I was there they asked if I had booked into the Labour Ward or the Birth Centre, I said my first option was the Birth Centre but as soon as I mentioned I had a stitch in the said I was automatically high risk and would have to go to the Labour Ward and wouldn't be allowed to try the Birth Centre.

Now obviously I don't want to do anything hat would put my baby at risk - but has anyone had experience of this? I have been told that I could have the stitch out and still go to 40 weeks - at that point how would I be different from any other person going into labour? In addition the Labour Ward is just upstairs so it's not like there are no facilities nearby I would just be really interested if anyone else has been told this and what they ended up doing.

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Mummyme87 Wed 04-May-16 18:36:14

No reason why you can't go to the birth centre once your stitch is removed.
We have lots of women use the birth centre once their stitch is out.

Mummyme87 Wed 04-May-16 18:36:57

You're high risk until the stitch comes out, after that you are just the same as anyone else...

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