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Elective section or risk natural?

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lilygirl81 Thu 28-Apr-16 19:34:06

I'm starting to think about this as I'm basically 27 weeks and am due to have a proper talk with the consultant in 2 weeks.

I have a chronic hip condition which means I have limited mobility and also can't move my leg out to the side. I have better mobility in water, but have been told no chance of a water birth due to various other issues in my pregnancy making me a higher risk.

This is my first baby, and I always imagined I'd go through labour. Now I'm worried about my leg being in a painful position for too long and then having to deal with horrific pain as well as recovering from the birth and looking after the baby. DH suggested that I try labour, but that if it is too much for me then swap to a section, but what if there are no spaces for one when I need it.

Everyone is telling me it is my choice and that whatever I choose will be supported by the various teams, but I don't know how to choose.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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CatsCantFlyFast Thu 28-Apr-16 19:37:02

I've not been in your situation but if I had to choose between labouring on my back in a hospital bed and a section I would pick a section. I'm anti - section, it's not something I want for me, but can't see labouring on my back being a route to success either.

So it would depend, for me on the hospital labour you could have - how mobile are you?

lilygirl81 Thu 28-Apr-16 19:39:56

If I use my crutches I can walk about a little bit, and could probably be ok on my knees and leaning on the bed, and I'm good on the birthing ball (use it for some of my general exercises). I think if left to my own devices I would manage to not be on my back the whole time.

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oldlaundbooth Thu 28-Apr-16 19:41:48

Haven't been in a similar situation, but I'll tell you anyway!

DS was breech, they realized at the last minute. I was 5 cms dilated. They asked if I wanted to try natural labour or go for a section. I choose the latter.

It was great. He was out within an hour. Quick recovery, no pushing, stuck baby etc etc.

I'd recommend a section in your case.

'DH suggested that I try labour, but that if it is too much for me then swap to a section, but what if there are no spaces for one when I need it.'

Great saying that in the peace and quiet of your living room.

After you've laboured for 20 hours? 'Trying' labour is no small feat. You are not trying a canapé!

And 'just swapping' to a section? Its really not that easy.

SpoonintheBin Thu 28-Apr-16 19:42:33

I spent a good part of labour on my side, and when time to push I was still on my side with one leg up. I did end up with an emergency c section, but because of something else entirely.

Discuss it with consultant first and if need be, book a section but keep the option open to go in labour naturally. If you really need a c section during labour you could have an emergency. However, a planned section could be less stressful on you mentally and physically. I had two emergency c sections and with hindsight, I should have opted for a planned the second time around. I have no regrets whatsoever into not having had natural deliveries, the bond with babies was immediate and very intense, the staff was great and very supportive.

TheCatsMeow Thu 28-Apr-16 19:47:23

I had a similar situation. I have a problem with my hips, and I suspected it would make giving birth difficult. When I mentioned this, I was told it may do, but most women can have a natural birth and that it just meant I should be at a consultant led hospital rather than MLU.

I was very anxious, and after I researched it myself, I asked for the option of a planned section with the chance to back out if I went into labour before and thought it was okay.

I did go into labour but it was awful and I still wanted the section, so it was done. As it happened, my hip condition meant DS couldn't fit and so I would have ended up with a section anyway.

It was really easy. The operation took 20 minutes, it didn't hurt, it wasn't exhausting, I'd actually say I enjoyed it. Recovery was fine, I didn't find it particularly painful.

I would pick a section!

happymonkey13 Thu 28-Apr-16 20:04:58

I'd go for an elective section if you can - it is a lovely experience! My first ended up as a emcs after 30 hours of labour (turns out I have an unusually small birth canal so baby wasn't going to come out easily naturally, and then heart rate plummeted so was rushed to theatre) and for the second I pushed for an elective section rather than vbac. It was great! So calm and quick! Labour wasn't much fun so if it is likely not to work and you risk damaging your hips, I'd go for the section. I really don't feel like I have missed out on anything having not done labour "properly". When you are pregnant there is a lot of pressure to have a natural birth, but the parenting that comes afterwards is far more important!

Oh, I was a bit woozy after each op but still bonded and established breastfeeding.

Good luck!

NotmeItWasNotme Thu 28-Apr-16 21:02:07

I had two elective sections. I say elective, but I had no choice. Having said that, I had a number of medical professionals try to encourage me to 'try labour'. It only stopped when one said it in front of a consultant stenographer, who told the dr to stop being ridiculous, as there was no way the baby could be born naturally and (again) showed them why. When the pressure of trying labour or elective section was then removed, I was able to prepare myself and learn what I needed to do for a quick recovery.

I would book an elective section and prepare for that. If you don't think a long labour will work for you, then don't put yourself through it. Also, an emergency section will be stressful for both you and the doctors, and you will have the dr available at the time. If you book it in, you know who your dr will be. You can talk to them about any concerns you have and your specific issues. Hopefully then you can relax and look forward to meeting your baby. Good luck.

lilygirl81 Thu 28-Apr-16 21:44:24

Thank you all, it's really helpful to hear your stories. It gives me a bit more confidence going in to the appointment and to have a good discussion

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kiki22 Thu 28-Apr-16 22:09:33

I'm having a similar dilemma I don't know what to do. My first labour was extremely painful because of various things but partly the hip problem, the pain and being stuck in the one position due to ds heart rate falling.

I had been agreed for a section then thought I changed my mind but after a chat with the physio today I think I'm going for the section. I'm mostly doing it for the control factor since my first birth was awful but also we can have a physio recovery plan in place with no risk of further damage to my hip during labour.

Its hard when they say whatever you want sometimes I just don't know and wish someone would tell me the right thing to do.

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