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First consultant appointment tomorrow regarding ELCS

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Pregasaurusrex Tue 26-Apr-16 18:10:16

Anyone got any advice? Anything to take or mention? This is my first baby, so have no idea what to expect. Thanks.

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Sparrowlegs248 Tue 26-Apr-16 19:12:50

Hi preg, has it been decided that you are Def having a c section? When are you due? I had an elcs July last year as ds was resolutely breech. I had spoken to a consultant when I was kept in overnight due to high blood pressure, so not a planned appointment but a general chat where he told me the options a) ecv (nope.....) asked why no, I told him a family member had a bad experience and it scared me. b) vaginally delivery (nope......they werent keen either) or c) elcs. He noted I would prefer elcs. I went to an appointment where they told me the procedure, and all the risks, I think I signed some consent forms, gave me details of anaesthetic and some info to read.

I can't think I took anything with me. They booked me in there and then for a week before my due date. Told me to phone on the morning to check,, no food etc.


Pregasaurusrex Tue 26-Apr-16 21:22:36

No- I have requested to be seen by a consultant as I have asked for an ELCS. A VB is not really an option for me, so am terrified they are going to give me a resolute no. Not sure where I'll be left then! :/

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Sparrowlegs248 Tue 26-Apr-16 21:49:33

Do you mind saying why vb isn't an option? After my c sec the surgeon said 'it went really well, you can have a vb next time' and I was thinking no bloody way!! The c sec was so calm and planned, it took all the worry away.

They were very accommodating at my hospital, I think it does depend where you are.

I would just make sure you state your reasons clearly and firmly. I knew they would offer ecv to me and I knew I didn't want it. There was no way I would be persuaded and they saw that straight away.

Pregasaurusrex Tue 26-Apr-16 21:58:06

I suppose it is mental health reasons?! Baby is going to be large. DH is huge and the last few babies in the family, have been ten pounder plus. We have disabilities in my immediate family, due to birth injury. Mainly, I have no faith in my body and would refuse all interventions. So I just don't think it's safe for me to try and birth a baby. Should add that both sides of the family, there has not been a a successful VB in the last two generations! Sorry a bit of a ramble, just terrified they will say no!

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Sparrowlegs248 Tue 26-Apr-16 22:01:40

Oh gosh I can't imagine that they would. We have big babies (I was 11lb 4..... Ds 9lb 1) and big heads.

I knew he was breech all along and actually didn't consider I might have to give birth until my last scan when they said 'maybe baby has turned' at which point I panicked. I felt, and was, totally unprepared for a vb. They reassured me that if I felt that strongly they would go ahead with the elcs even if he had. Hopefully your hospital is as understanding. Good luck.

Move2WY Tue 26-Apr-16 22:14:55

Take plenty of magazines tonread in case you are waiting. I ended up eaiting over 9 hours and was bored to tears!

Take the usual hospital bag for yourself and baby but you wont need the things they recomend for labour like snacks etc. But take food for after the section. Toure not allowed to eat before the surgery so will be hingry after.

KnitsBakesAndReads Wed 27-Apr-16 09:08:37

It might be worth reading the NICE guidelines on CS so you have an idea in advance of what's considered best practice. This is the link:

If your request is due to anxiety about birth then it's likely they'll refer you to someone who you can discuss this with before agreeing to an elective CS. That doesn't at all mean your request won't be agreed if you're still anxious after discussing it with a suitable professional, instead it's just a chance for you to see if there's anything that could be done to help you have a VB if that's an option you'd like to explore.

Sparrowlegs248 Wed 27-Apr-16 19:04:01

How'd it go preg ?

Pregasaurusrex Thu 28-Apr-16 14:51:34

Well- all booked in without a word of discontent! Consultant literally agreed straight away. Very pleased!

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Sparrowlegs248 Thu 28-Apr-16 15:33:20

Brilliant news, so pleased for you. My elcs was great, very straightforward and stress free, and I recovered really well too. Best wishes!

Pregasaurusrex Thu 28-Apr-16 16:59:56

Thank you so much. Am in a bit of disbelief really. I did ask the consultant what I could do to prepare, and he didn't have much advice. How long was your recovery?

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Sparrowlegs248 Thu 28-Apr-16 19:08:06

You can't do a lot to prepare I don't think. It was all very surreal. Phoned in to check it was still on (you can get bumped down the list for emergencies) went in for about 8.30 -9. Had chats with several of the team. Had a room adjoining theatre. Walked in, wheeled out 40 minutes later!

Ds was born at 12.35. It took quite a long time to get movement back in my legs. (10 hrs ish?) made use of the mw overnight passing baby to me etc. Catheter removed early next morning, up and toilet and shower. Get someone to help you, I didn't and felt woozy. Walking was difficult, hunched over, but I only had paracetamol and........ God I can't remember the other one. Not oramorph anyway, just standard painkillers. Went home the next day so in two nights. Every day was easier, the worst things were getting up from bed, or armchair. Esp holding a baby! I took ds for a gentle walk when he was a week old and was driving by three weeks (gp said OK and cleared it with insurance) and back looking after my ponies by three weeks. Being careful and taking it easy but doing stuff.

Wound healed very well, minor issue with ingrown hair (why do they do it in the hairline?!?!) but all OK. I was very strict with the care of the wound.

I will Def be requesting elcs for the next one!

Sorry for the essay, but hope it helps.

Sparrowlegs248 Thu 28-Apr-16 19:10:56

Ds is 9months now, I had some numbness, odd skin feeling for about 6 months. I occasionally get a bit of a painful twinge, like a nerve pain. But it's mild, like a pinprick. Just the nerves healing I think. I'd say I was looking normal by 3 weeks, feeling normal (in not conscious of it) by 8 weeks. I was stacking bales of hay at 10 weeks.

Mumtobe1503 Tue 03-May-16 21:56:56

Hello All,

Pregasaurusrex at which week did you mention you wan the E CS and to who ? I'm only 14 weeks . So plenty of time. is there any specific name of the appointment where they actually say yes or no ?
Anyone was successful with requested CS / while planning birth at Lister hospital ? Most of my appointments is in WGC.
I have PCOS so will be talking to Consultant next time rather than midwife.

Pregasaurusrex Thu 05-May-16 19:46:02

My GP sent the initial referral to the consultant at about 20 weeks. Then waited until 30 to see the consultant. He explained the risks and then signed my maternity notes. I was a bit gobsmacked to be fair!

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Pregasaurusrex Thu 05-May-16 19:46:49

And thank you to everyone else who replied. Have just seen the messages x

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