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Blood on newborns belly button

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Chloeisobelle21 Tue 26-Apr-16 08:20:26

Not sure if I'm posting in the correct thread but my DS cord clip fell off 3 days ago, the midwife came on a routine check the day before it fell off and I forgot to tell her it looked yellow and wet inside. She checked him over but didn't mention anything. Anyway I put a little talc on his belly button when the cord had come off to dry up the goo, but this morning I changed his bum and his belly button has dry blood round it. I don't know whether he has caught it or a scab came off but I'm not sure weather it warrants a call to the midwife. It isn't oozing and doesn't look like it's bothering him at all, just the fact it has bled at some point during the night has me a bit worried. I'm thinking it's probably just where a scan came off but I'm still a little concerned.

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DoItTooJulia Tue 26-Apr-16 08:29:28

Aww, congratulations!!

Neither of my dc's belly buttons healed smoothly-not sure why, but what you're describing sounds normal to me.

I'd avoid talc on the area though. When are you next due to see the midwife? If it's tomorrow I'd leave it, but having said that no midwife would mind talking to you in the phone and then deciding if they need to pop in. Don't be afraid to ask her if you're worried (about ANYTHING).


Chloeisobelle21 Tue 26-Apr-16 08:44:43

Thank you smile
She is coming tomorrow so might just be an idea to leave it till then so I can show her. Yeah my mum told me to put the talc on it, she said she did it with my brother when he had an infection and was told to by the midwife so it helped absorb the gunk, information is so different now though, don't think I'll tell the midwife I did that grin
He hasn't had a bath yet so I'm debating wether to do that and see if the warm water helps wash it out so I can see it properly. I'm pretty sure it isn't infected cause he isn't bothered and no swelling etc.

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