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home water birth

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ghostspirit Thu 21-Apr-16 21:25:14

hi. i have decided to have a home birth but im also wondering about having a birthing pool. im thinking. my 5 year old was born within 40 mins... my 1 year old son was longer and took 3 hours. but theres only going to be 13 months between him and the baby im pregnant with now,, im wondering because there is a small gap could it mean the labour could be pretty fast.

does it take long to set up and fill a birthing pool? it seems like a lot of messing about. but also i think it might be nice to give birth in the water. but if its going to be a fast birth it might not be worth it.

i asked midwife if the birth is likely to be fast because of the close age gap. she sais dont sneeze :/ i take that as a yes

MarthaMonkeynuts Thu 21-Apr-16 21:27:48

I had one! Took about half an hour to fill the pool up (it was inflated and waiting for 2 weeks in place of my dining table!)
It also took about half an hour for the midwife to get here.
And it was brilliant.

ghostspirit Thu 21-Apr-16 21:37:49

thank you. its something to think about

RatOnnaStick Thu 21-Apr-16 21:47:16

It will all depend on your hot water at home. Have a practice in your bath to see how long it takes to fill the same amount. Remember to factor in time to reheat the hot water tank if you run it dry. If you have a combi boiler it will be quicker. Mine took a couple of minutes to inflate and an hour to fill.

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