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Rape /abuse

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flowerpower10 Wed 20-Apr-16 14:25:35

Has anyone got experience with being pregnant and giving birth after surviving rape ?
I ask as I have PTSD Due to rape which has become overwhelming I am currently hoping for a c-section for my mental health but
I am starting to feel angry that I feel unable to cope having a natural birth because of examination pain possible intervention forceps stitching cutting etc
Can you tell me your experiences what you found good or bad it is very hard to talk about but I can't believe that I am the only one and I would appreciate the support

What was done for you in regards to birth

nc345 Sat 23-Apr-16 14:38:26

I booked a home birth. Birth plan said no examinations, no perineal inspection. I had a doula. Gave birth in water high felt private and safe away from hands. The mws were fine with it all, they would have preferred to do a perineal inspection but instead just asked lots of questions about it like was it comfortable? Had I looked? Urinated etc..

In my mind a section was more of a challenge because I needed to trust other people with my body, i could only trust myself, my baby and DH, my doula.

The home birth mws were fab and said my birth plan was actually pretty standard for a Hb.

There is always a risk but it's so much less at a home birth and having one to one care from mws I found reassuring and all contact (actually zero contact) was all on my terms

I hope you get your section if it's what you need

flowerpower10 Sat 23-Apr-16 17:17:12

Thank you I would opt for a home birth if I could have pain relief as I find pain triggering and not knowing people that come to my home but A you never know who you get and I have met 2 not to nice or professional midwifes or if there is a midwife available when your in labour

Also I was told that if I want pain relief then I have to have a internal exam and if there's concern about baby then I would be going to hospital anyway so I kind of feel like I don't have much option at least I know my surgeon and I could be none the wiser if I get a general which for me is mentally easier

nc345 Sat 23-Apr-16 17:49:57

You can have pain relief except for an epidural or GA. you don't need an examination for this. Staff provision is so variable depending on your area. I'm also not keen on mws. Maybe find a doula to talk things through with?
Honestly I found the 'pain' of labour nothing like pain I had experienced before. It was totally different and not at all painful in my mind.
If I transferred I was planning to immediately insist on a section.
I think you have to be strong willed and well supported however you do it because they are desperate to follow their protocols either way regardless an individual's needs. A GA I'd want to avoid because of the drugs effecting the baby sad there is no easy answer. Xx

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