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Identical twins. 1st pregnancy & birth choice.

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pinguina16 Sun 17-Apr-16 06:19:13

I don't feel particularly qualified to answer your questions but since you've only had one reply I will attempt an answer. Mums who had twins or breech deliveries, feel free to step in.

After reading your post my first thoughts were: "Have you spoken to someone at TAMBA and what is their view?" and "Would they be able to put you in touch with mums who had identical twins first time round?"

You're right about a breech delivery being highly dangerous. I'm sure it can be done but as far as I know should only be attempted by someone very experienced. I fully understand why this would worry you for twin 2.

My baby was conceived by IVF and I was completely ignorant about the risks of serious injury to the mother after a vaginal delivery. So the only worry I had was about the welfare of my baby (and it seems you're thinking along the same lines). Now that I have given birth and was seriously injured (thankfully my baby was physically fine) I deeply regret my naivety and ignorance.

My view is that you've already gone through invasive treatment and that frankly you want to minimise trauma to your own body. Don't get me wrong an ELCS is painful and you will need a lot of physical support in the first few weeks but against delivering twin 1 vaginally + delivering twin 2 by EMCS or with instruments or very high risk breech delivery, I'd prefer lessening the physical trauma by requesting an ELCS.

Other posters are much more qualified about requesting an ELCS and there are plenty of threads here that can guide you.
If things aren't going well, I would request to see a different consultant and ask for a second opinion.

For meconium in waters, unfortunately it is a risk you have no control over. It can happen with any labour (Charity Sparks are doing a great job improving treatment for babies who have been affected by meconium in waters).

I hope this is helpful.

bamalamlam Thu 14-Apr-16 17:07:38

No experience of twins here but just thought I would offer some support flowers Im sure you have a right to ELCS if that's what you want. Could you google NICE guidelines on twins and see what it says. These are the national guidelines therefore they'll tell you what you should be offered. From what I've heard you tend to have to fight your corner a bit for ELCS under most circumstances. First read up a bit and make sure this is what you want to do. Second stand firm at the appointments (can DP help with this?). Go armed with facts and show you know the pros and cons. Stand strong.

It sounds like they are not addressing your questions about a vaginal birth with twins. So addressing them might be the first step. Write a list of questions. Make sure they know how anxious you are feeling and ask them to go through each question properly. Tell them you want facts stats and evidence. Do you have someone who can go with you to help u stand your ground?

mrsdoughnut Thu 14-Apr-16 13:26:52

Hi all

I just wanted some advice/opinions please. I am 28+4 with ID twins.

At my usual appointments when I see a consultant they are now beginning to ask about the birth.

As twin A has always been head down they are advising I try naturally and hopefully twin B will either turn or they will try and manipulate her - I asked what would happen if she became distressed and consultant said they would pull her out legs first. ..confused

Another issue. My anxiety levels are getting higher and higher as the weeks go by. I have read the NICE guidelines and understand I can request an ElCS.

Bottom line is this- I want my two babies who were an assisted conception to be safe and arrive healthy. I don't care about me and my recovery as such as I will have support (DH & family)

I can't sleep. I burst into tears spontaneously in the day. I'm withdrawn. I'm stressed. I feel a bit fobbed off when I speak to a consultant. I get conflicted advice. When I went to triage (thought I was leaking) the consultant there said 'you do know your at higher risk of having a section?' So then why are the other consultants I speak to encouraging me to try naturally. hmm

I get the same answers. We like 1st pregnancies to be born vaginally. There is no clinical need for a c section.

I feel like they would rather me be an emergency section case then just book me in for one then I can mentally prepare myself. I feel like I am being led towards something that is risky. What if baby B gets distressed and poo's in her waters. How will they know? What if she doesn't turn. All these questions that whirr around my head all the time and until 3am/4am.

I'm scared witless.

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