3rd Baby and Scared!

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eilzyxo Tue 12-Apr-16 22:10:21

Hi everyone - just after a little comfort and support!blush

I am due on 3rd June and this is my 4th pregnancy / 3rd baby. Thinking back to the lead up on my 2nd baby being born I was never this nervous and feel I should be ok but I am really really worried about pain and complications!!sad Is this normal has anyone else been like this I am honestly terrified and was never like this with my last two! confused

Thanks halostar

CarrieLouise25 Thu 14-Apr-16 20:28:21

Congratulations flowers

I felt exactly like this. Have just had my third. I was ridiculoudly terrified leading up to the birth but yet not so nervous with second confused

I wish I had talked it through with someone as I felt rubbish for feeling so terrified on my third!

I think it's normal smile

Keep telling yourself you've done this before and your body can do it again.

I got very stressed about it all and blood pressure went through the roof so take it easy!

Maybe it's because we're older and know what can go wrong and know what we're in for!

My little one is 7 weeks now and labour is forgotton (ish!)

Lots of luck for June x

Raines100 Sun 17-Apr-16 21:57:37

Yes, this was me, too! 3rd DC is now 8 months. First and second time I was nervously excited about the birth. 3rd time, I suppose the "mystery" was gone, and I was just totally gutted to have to go through it again.

Good news is, it wasn't any worse for me having dreaded it. When the time came, I just got on with it like before.

You'll be fine. Good luck x

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