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How soon after C-section could you carry baby in a sling?

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BettyBi0 Wed 06-Apr-16 14:39:21

I'm hoping to do a sling+buggy combo when DC2 arrives rather than buying a double buggy. DC1 has just turned 2 and I need her in a buggy for the nursery run. I've got quite a high chance of another ELCS if my magical VBAC hasn't happened by my due date. So potentially I'll be 2 weeks post c-section and needing to transport both littles. Do you think I'll be up to wearing a stretchy wrap by then or do I need to make some other kind of plan?

Whataboutnodetox Wed 06-Apr-16 14:42:01

I don't think I could have worn baby and pushed my two year old two weeks after but everyone varies. I could walk around with newborn in my caboo at that point but unless it was very flat and not too far I wouldn't have been able to push too. I bought a Phil and Ted v2 navigator and used the second seat for the first few months. Now I just use it as a single and have the second seat on if my older one gets desperate.

Fwaffy Wed 06-Apr-16 14:48:08

Watching as I'll be in the same position, though not needing to do long walks each day.

I think I went out for a short sling walk with DD1 at 2 weeks post-CS but I felt sore and a bit silly for having pushed it. I was okay by 5/6 weeks though.

BurningGubbins Wed 06-Apr-16 15:08:57

I'd agree that the sling should be fine but it's pushing the pram that might be hard, depending on hills etc.
That said, I'm 3 weeks post section today and yesterday pushed the pram with newborn and buggy board with 4 year old up hills that I couldn't walk up at 39 weeks. The difference between week 2 and 3 has been massive.

Nicknamegrief Wed 06-Apr-16 15:15:51

Carried mine about 5 days post section in a sling. The general rule of thumb is to not lift anything heavier than your baby post section and a sling means that you aren't and then hands free in case you need to steady yourself. Having said that I have bigger gaps so I never have had to push a buggy at the same time- I would say that that will be the biggest problem as generally it is said not to push a Hoover for about 4/6 weeks.
With both number 3 and 4 ,I had both a preschool and a school run to do so walked about 5/6miles a day with baby in a sling. It was exhausting but manageable. My husband did the daily Hoover for the first couple of months,

peachypips Wed 06-Apr-16 15:27:50

It totally depends on how well you heal. I was wearing the sling three days after I had DS1 as I had no pain at all and my scar healed exceptionally quickly. I was obviously careful.
Btw I had an EmCS then a speedy and successful vbac with DS2.

Jw35 Wed 06-Apr-16 16:07:09

5 days later but the midwife told me off! blush painkillers these days are amazing! I wasn't pushing a toddler at the same time though and didn't go out until she was around 10 days old!

This time round I will have a toddler and newborn and plan to use a sling but will just see what's comfortable. You need a nice easy to push buggy for the toddler, mines a nipper 360 and no effort so hopefully that will help! I will have a double too for when baby gets heavy

bingeddybongo Thu 07-Apr-16 08:31:32

It took me several weeks - about 6 I think - but I had a pretty rough emergency c-section, which might have had something to do with it? Having a planned c-section this time so fingers crossed it'll be much quicker as I've got no buggy and a toddler to collect from daycare confused

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