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Water birth at home with a doula using hypnobirthing

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mackinnonka Tue 05-Apr-16 10:44:20

Anyone had this experience? I am hoping that this will be my set up, not due for a while yet but just keen to hear anyone else's (hopefully positive!) experiences.

Anything you would advise if you have been through it?

CoveredInBeeees Tue 05-Apr-16 16:11:48

Yep me. Had both babies at home in pool with a doula- candles, flowers, calming playlist, and an attempt at hypnobirthing each time. First time was 4.5 hours active labour, second was 2 hours. Second birth was on Wednesday last week so is still very fresh in my mind, obviously smile

I wasn't that great at the hypnobirthing and didn't practice enough but the number one thing the course I did taught me was to believe completely that birth is a natural process it's possible to get through without medical intervention. The books by Ina May Gaskin helped to underline that too- the stats on interventions at The Farm as compared to similar numbers of hospital births were v eye opening.

I let my body do what it wanted and trusted everything would be ok. I drank a beer and sat in the pool when I felt like it. The midwife didn't know what to do as I was in my own bubble and everything was so calm so she just sat down with a drink. The key thing was I had a doula I trusted (same one both times), which made a huge huge huge difference, especially the first time.

Id also say, staying open minded about things not going to plan at home is important. You never know what will happen so especially second time around i worked really hard to be ok with ending up in hospital & feeling confident that I could stay calm and get in the "zone" there too.

The day I went into labour we were at hospital for an appointment. Was v surreal as I found myself saying to my dh "oh god if this is contractions kicking off we have to go now, this is the last place I want to give birth" voice trailed off half way through though because I realised everyone else there would feel the exact opposite way!

mackinnonka Tue 05-Apr-16 16:42:57

Thanks for sharing CoveredInBeeees! And congrats on your recent arrival smile

I think I am pretty open minded that while I have a strong preference for home water birth, if there are any special circumstances I will just have to accept what comes and hopefully will take it all in my stride.

I have read the Katharine Graves hypnobirthing book a couple of times and also did a course with local hypnobirthing group (the leader is going to be my doula so feel pretty confident about her too).

Have been listening to all sorts of things each night and practicing with DH so hoping it all sinks in and just works when its needed!

CoveredInBeeees Tue 05-Apr-16 17:03:19

That sounds great! Katherine graves' was the course we did too. Wishing you the exact birth you want- sounds like you're doing all you can to make it happen but are open minded. Very best of luck with it all x

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