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Lost mucus plug.

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Cantstopsmiling37 Tue 05-Apr-16 10:25:04

So last night I went to the loo and there was a large heaped teaspoon worth of sticky mucus plug when I wiped, followed by lots of braxton hicks. Lots of pressure, movement low down and tightenings with 2 smaller globs of mucus since then. It is a bit yellowy/browny in colour but no blood. I also just feel a bit rubbish - tired, fuzzy head and a bit sickly.

I'm 37+3 weeks and sooo not ready for this baby. Older 2 are on Easter hols from nursery, don't go back til Monday and I was so looking forward to some time to myself - house desperately needs a spring clean and so do I! Have apps to get hair, nails etc... done next week.

So in contrast to most people I think I need your stories of losing plug and then nothing happening for Aaaaaages!

MyBreadIsEggy Tue 05-Apr-16 10:29:37

I lost mine on the Saturday morning, waters broke the Sunday night and baby arrived via induction on the Tuesday lunchtime. You might still have ages though!!

Cantstopsmiling37 Tue 05-Apr-16 10:41:31

Haha Eggy - thanks!! Really hope i dont end up with an induction - can't handle that syntocinin drip!

Need to move off sofa and start cleaning/preparing/packing bags but feel so wobbly and weird. Its my DS's 2nd birthday today too so him and his big sis (4) are a bit hyper.

AnnaBanana25 Tue 05-Apr-16 13:22:22

I don't remember exact number of days but think it was about a week and may be a bit longer for me. I started to lose my plug gradually, at times lots more than others! I felt very odd throughout but definitely more out of it on the day I went into Labour. So yes you could have plenty of time left! Good luck.

crunchymummy Wed 06-Apr-16 18:01:11

Was nearly a week for me also - didn't lose it all in one go it was over a period of days and even when contractions started it took nearly another three till DS came with a c section

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