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Struggled with c section recovery? positive stories needed!

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strangerjo Sat 02-Apr-16 00:14:08

I'm almost 5wks post c-section. I'm so depressed by my lack of recovery and ongoing pain, and finding it really difficult looking after my son in this state. I have tried a range of painkillers - none helped. I've just started amitryptylline. There's scar pain, skin burning pain, pain from what might be a pulled muscle, some groin pain - internal and external pain. After the op I probably overdid things because I felt better than I expected and the hospital wanted to discharge me after a day. But five weeks on and my progress has halted.

Did anyone have a long but successful recovery? Most stories are people who were back to normal much quicker which is making me worried I'll never get better and worried about how I'll cope with my son.

Haggisfish Sat 02-Apr-16 00:17:31

I suffered with odd pains for a long time afterwards. I was up and about relatively quickly, but found, for example, that I would push a shopping trolley as journal but would bump the scar off it lots and it killed. Got much much better after about four months-think it takes a long time fir internal healing.

strangerjo Mon 04-Apr-16 23:09:41

Thank you. My hypersensitive skin is so bloody miserable to deal with. Any other stories would be welcomed.

Nicknamegrief Mon 04-Apr-16 23:20:40

I have had three sections. I over did it after my second section and it made a huge difference to my recovery and I don't think I felt myself for a few months compared to weeks. Like the PP it was about 4months I felt better and 6months it was a distant memory. I was advised after my third section not to do any cardio type exercise for 6 months and I followed the advice, started running again at about 7months and had no problem.
It is miserable but slow down and you should be fine.

houseeveryweekend Mon 04-Apr-16 23:30:54

5 weeks is not long at all really. I didn't have a c section but I was injured and couldn't even walk more than a few paces at 5 weeks. However by 4 months I was almost back to normal. I was put on amitriptyline too because I couldn't sleep because of the pain and honestly it was massive help, its a really good medication in my opinion idve been lost without it. Try and not let the slow recovery get you down I know its easier said than done. I got incredibly depressed because of my lack of mobility and I was so doubtful when the health visitor kept assuring me everything was going fine. But you know it just does take a bit of time for some people to get back to normal just go easy on yourself and try to stay positive. Peoples bodies all heal at different rates and you may know some people who have completely healed by 5 weeks but in my experience that's quite rare. None of my friends who had sections had healed by then. xx

strangerjo Mon 04-Apr-16 23:47:03

Thank you everyone.
Houseeveryweekend - do you remember how long it took for the amitriptyline to work and your dosage? My gp said she'd up the dose for me at some point.

Lules Thu 07-Apr-16 08:21:42

It suddenly improved at 3 1/2 months. I'm now at almost 7 months and completely back to normal apart from if I have to carry the pram up lots of steps and that doesn't hurt I can just sort of feel it. I kept googling recovery times and it really depressed me that other people recovered so quickly but you are definitely not alone. I presume you've got no signs of an infection? I had an ultrasound just to check at about 3 months but it was fine

strangerjo Thu 07-Apr-16 19:21:03

Lules - thanks. I've also googled recovery times a lot. I'm glad yours got better. I had an ultrasound that was fine. I had an infection but that was treated. Hopefully I get less sore soon.

BettyBi0 Tue 12-Apr-16 17:13:51

By 5 weeks I can see why you'd be starting to despair. Is it possible to really focus on your recovery for 48 hours and treat it almost like day one? I.e. Rest rest rest and no no jobs? It might give your healing a little boost

bamalamlam Tue 12-Apr-16 18:57:00

OP - I did too much initially and ended up in a lot of
Pain. I really hadn't understood what 'do nothing' meant. My GP was great he told me 'We didn't send you home from hospital because you are better. We sent you home because we don't like babies in hospital where they can be exposed to MRSA and other infections. You are at home but you should still be on bed rest.' He also told me that I needed more help than my DH. He suggested that family should do everything possible. DM and DF made every meal for us and did all the washing for 2 weeks and help with DC. DH passed me the baby for feeding so I didn't have to lift ever (even for night feeds). I just stayed in bed. Have you tried resting like that? I could feel the difference after a few days and was much better after 2 weeks. I also had muscular pain which went on for a couple of months. It didn't feel like Muscle pain tho. It was just very bad abdominal pain that would come and go. A doctor pointed out that it peaked and I would rest and then it would slowly die down which she said suggests a muscle. Is any of your pain like that? It was a sign that I was carrying DC too much. It would happen some time after I had been carrying so I didn't make the connection initially. It was excruciating when it peaked. I totally panicked and thought I would never get better and something was really wrong. But actually 1 year on I'm absolutely fine, I'm even able to go running. i think it would be a good idea to keep the doctor informed. You do need to keep an eye on case there's something unusual, however there's every chance that it's just normal recovery. That's a long post. I hope it helped in some way. I'm really wishing your recovery on from over here!

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