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flowerpower10 Wed 30-Mar-16 22:37:47

*Hi has had anyone had a
planned c-section under general anesthesia*

What was your experience ?

AgathaMystery Wed 30-Mar-16 23:09:41

Me. I'm happy to discuss it via PM

Sparklycat Wed 30-Mar-16 23:37:22

I have had an emergency under GA so might not be able to answer your questions but can try smile

flowerpower10 Thu 31-Mar-16 18:36:24

How long before you woke up ?
Did you get to see baby in recovery ?
How did you feel pain wise ?
Any advice you can give ?

Sparklycat Fri 01-Apr-16 14:38:23

I honestly don't know how long it was until I woke up, but my husband was outside for about an hour and a half before they let him in see me and the baby and I just vaguely remember him being there.They put the baby next to me as they were waking me up in the theatre, to be honest I didn't really care as I was so sleepy! And I thought her face looked weird so I kept poking it which the midwife told me off for grin(her face was fine it was obviously just the drugs I had in me!) but was extremely sleepy and groggy. I had her at about 1am and then apart from those two vague memories I woke up properly in the recovery room around 8am and that's the first real memories I have of it, so I'd say that's when I was fully awake and aware!
The pain afterwards was awful but that's because it was an emergency, they had her out it just over a minute from first cut so they weren't being careful at all. I've been told that a planned one is about 5-10 minutes before baby is out and they are much more careful so you don't have lots of bruising etc inside. I could hardly stand up let alone walk for the next few days but people on my ward who had planned ones were up and walking fine the next day smile
My top advice is don't clench your jaw when they put you under! I did and they had to dislocate it to get the tube down my throat and the pain in my jaw lasted long than my c section pain lol!
Hope that's helped a bit, feel free to ask any more questions. Do you know when you're having your c section?

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 01-Apr-16 14:46:34

I had ga after failed induction, so it wasn't an emergency. My 2nd section was under local. I was terrified of being awake the second time, it was horrible waiting for it. But in honestly I'm glad I did. After ga you wake up in a lot of pain, whereas with local its gradual. It was 2hrs until i was able to see ds and a few more hours until I was ready to appreciate him and dh had a difficult few hours holding the baby alone in the delivery suite waiting for me. After local, they put him to my cheek instantly which was nice. I found I recovered quicker after my local than after the ga but that might be due to it being my 2nd and knowing better what to expect. I found that the hospital were reluctant to agree to a ga by choice although if i had insisted I imagine I would have been allowed one. All that being said, if there's a reason you need a general then it wasn't an horrific experience and baby was fine afterwards if a little more sleepy for a day or two. What is causing you concern op?

WellErrr Fri 01-Apr-16 14:54:22

I've had two not under GA. Not very helpful sorry.
Do you mind me asking what your reasons are? smile

I can help with recovery info anyway!

flowerpower10 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:27:05

I have PTSD and pressure pulling metal been unable to move having needles in my spine is all very triggering for me And I don't want to be having a panic attack or flash back when our baby is being born This why I don't fancy an epidural
But the idea of having a general is calming as I am none the wiser and gave had 6 surgery s with it but I am torn as I want to see our baby

I am hoping to get a bit of therapy before I have to make my choice of general or epidural

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:50:50

OK, that makes sense. I was terrified for the last 6 months of my pregnancy about being 'paralysed' during the op and was scared I would have a panic attack when I couldn't move. So, no PTSD but still, I'd managed to work myself up I to a right old state. At no point during any consultations did anaesthetic come up and finally at 38 weeks (I had gd) I asked and the midwives discussed the options. The final decision was to be made by the anaesthetist on the day. She finally came to me when I was dressed for theatre, and I decided to have the local for the reasons explained to me. I was literally terrified for half of the op, BUT once it kicked in and all the extra stuff they administer like anti sickness etc, you feel lovely and warm, floaty, relaxed and comfortable. my dh turned grey and the midwives sent him out where he promptly passed out in the corridor but that's a whole other thread and if I had to do it again that would be my first choice. These midwives are so expert in this procedure, I had two people literally whose only job it was to talk to me and be nice to me, they knew I was terrified and they were amazing. I didn't feel the needle go in (to my back) but they use a canula on your hand all the time to administer anti sickness and other meds. I really would carefully consider your options and ask for support (don't ignore it like I did til the last possible minute!) , because the ga has its own set of problems. Obviously my case is different because I don't have PTSD, although after the op the anaesthetist did say that she was 2 minutes from switching to a general because I was in such a state. If you opt for local this is always an option as well, but not if you opt for a ga.

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