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Fast 1st labour with fetal distress- what happens with 2nd?

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ginplease83 Thu 24-Mar-16 20:29:23

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with DC2 and really concerned about my next delivery.

DD2 was born 18 months ago and labour was 4 hours with 2nd stage of 5 minutes with me pushing twice. However we had thick meconium come out in the waters and as I was being pushed into a wheelchair to go up to labour ward I started the 2nd stage- 2 pushes and out she flew. However according to the midwife she was flat as a pancake and a group of doctors whisked her away out of the room straight away to be pumped and my husband witnessed her being revived. Cord blood test revealed she'd been in distress. Thank god she did fly out.

My concerns are that baby 2 often comes out faster, my DH will have to drive an hour and a quarter to get to me if he's at work then we will have to drive to our local hospital which is 40 mins away excluding time taken to drop DD1 at my parents. This is provided it's not rush hour and traffic is good. Plus last time labour started full whack with hardly any notice so this time I could be alone with my toddler unable to talk, breathe properly and vomiting.

Does anyone have any similar experiences and have advice for me?

kiki22 Thu 24-Mar-16 20:45:53

I don't but if your alone with a small child and can't breathe/are vomiting for over an hour I would call the hospital and tell them so see if a community midwife will come out or they will send an ambulance. I would deffinetly discuss it with your midwife now tell her your worries see if she has any good ideas she's likely heard all sorts of problems.

If your not in great distress but need to get there quickly then take a taxi straight to the hospital with your daughter and ask for her to be picked up from there. Do you have any friends that could drive you if it's not an emergency and could take DD to her grandparents for you.

It sounds like a hard situation I'm having a planned section this time because I had a hard time with my first birth and want all the control possible during this birth.

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