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Homebirth in Mid/East Sussex area

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toadierocks Tue 22-Mar-16 19:48:44


Was just looking for any advice or stories of people who had home births with the Mid Sussex or East Sussex community midwives team.

I'm in the 2nd trimester but I'm hoping to transfer from West Sussex to much nearer home at about 34 weeks - Ideally I'd love a home birth as my daughter was born in hospital due to me being high risk.

Also anyone with experience of the midwife led unit at Crowborough.... if needs be I'll be aiming for there.

Many thanks in advance smile

ispymincepie Wed 30-Mar-16 19:07:33

Anything in particular? I'm imminently due my second homebirth under Conquest hospital community midwives team (third homebirth though)....

toadierocks Thu 31-Mar-16 14:08:27


Thanks for replying ispy and good luck with the imminent birth! It will be my first homebirth if all goes to plan, I had my daughter in Worthing Hosp, was just looking for any advice on what is needed at home and how to go about booking a home birth, IE what the procedure?

I have already met with my local midwife who is from Crowbourgh but I think in order to have a homebirth I have to have a consultant from Conquest sign off on it, is that correct?

I'm kind of in between (distance wise) PRH and Crowbourgh but I have experience with the HH community team after i was discharged from Worthing last time and they were super lovely so could go with them just wanted a few reviews from the conquest or crowbourgh team - I hope that make sense?

I live so far out from all hospitals (especially now they've closed the Eastbourne unit) I think a home birth would be best for me, plus I want to experience one.

Thanks so much for you help and advice in advance

Stillwishihadabs Thu 31-Mar-16 14:20:36

Get the PRH midwives (part of university hospital brighton) to attend you for a home birth (easier than trekking over to Hastings) it also means that if you need to be transferred for any reason you would automatically go there rather than Hastings which is a ) miles away and
B) not a patch on PRH.

toadierocks Thu 31-Mar-16 16:00:52

Thanks Still I thought the HH community were awesome when they did my aftercare, I'll get on to them tomorrow to see if they'll come out to me. I love living remotely but its just so far if there's a problem, I'm still about half an hour from HH.

At the moment I'm consultant led at worthing until 34 weeks then hopefully i can reassess the birthing situation but my local midwife is from crowbourgh, just feel like I've got one leg in west Sussex one in east hmm

Stillwishihadabs Thu 31-Mar-16 18:01:45

I'm sure someone here knows more than me, but don't you have the right to be attended in labour ? Eg they can't stop you having a home birth. Also there is still a midwifery led unit at EDGH if that's closest.

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