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Laid in induction suite - bored

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QforCucumber Fri 18-Mar-16 01:38:19

Exactly as the title really, had 1st pessary 4.5 hours ago and told cervix was favourable so just a waiting game now.
Lady somewhere snoring REALLY loudly so no chance of sleep :-(
First baby and terrified of what is to come - wish me luck grin

ThomasRichard Fri 18-Mar-16 01:52:56

Good luck. Get some sleep!

KillBillHill Fri 18-Mar-16 02:09:47

Good luck! Eat a little something and go to sleep now. Start practising your breathing with those small twinges when they start. In through the mouth, Out through the nose!

VinceNoirLovesHowardMoon Fri 18-Mar-16 02:28:21

I read the title as if you were getting laid in the induction suite, like that woman who gave her fella a blow job after she gave birth
Sorry blush

QforCucumber Fri 18-Mar-16 02:37:00

Haha vince no such luck - dp has gone home for a decent nights sleep. Otherwise who knows I may have talked him into it.

Getting 2nd pessary at 3am and then will definitely be trying the sleep thing.

1frenchfoodie Fri 18-Mar-16 08:39:06

Hi Q, hope second pessary does the trick. Can DP bring you earplugs - for me they are essential after broken sleep when I was in overnight previously for monitoring.

Got an appointment today at 40+12 for monitoring and induction discussion. Think sweep yesterday has started early labour though so may be on my way.

vroc81 Fri 18-Mar-16 09:00:49

Hey Q hope it's going ok, hope the second pessary has done the trick..

Otherwise going in to be set off myself shortly... Race you to the finish? wink

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