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VBAC vs Planned C-Section... help!?!

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ClaraCasson Thu 17-Mar-16 15:42:10


I'm currently pregnant with my second child and am already a little concerned about the birth after a bad experience with my first!! Was hoping to gauge folks opinions if anyone would mind sharing?

I was induced at 40 weeks after developing PUPPP to the point where I couldn't sleep (anywhere other than a cool bath!!), however after 3 days of attempting to sleep in a ward where countless other women are being induced and wheeled off to delivery at all hours the gels were doing nothing and was put on the dreaded drip... 18 hours later stuck at 6cm I was sent for a c-section through which I think its safe to say I was a horror for the poor team as I have a true and sever needle phobia and panicked the whole way through. confused

My little girl was born safely 5 days after my admission, however I was a complete wreck, possibly more mentally than anything else. I wound up in hospital for 5 further days and she and I were put on antibiotics and I simply could not cope with the pain, trauma and constant procedures - I don't know why, the team were fab!also feel like it took a lot longer for me to recover once we got home - couldn't shake the notion that my wound was tearing while all the other mums I knew seemed to be back to their usual selves - or worse, back in their pre baby jeans!

Any way, I'm now pregnant with my second (lord help me!) and want to avoid induction at all costs! I was thinking I would like to try for a VBAC but stupidly googled it and have been terrified by the possibility of uterine rupture! I'm also overweight and heard this can hinder my chances of a sucessful VBAC... blush

Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share... Is the recovery from a planned section really much quicker than from an emergency section? So so worried about how I'll cope if I find myself back in the same situation with a 22month old AND newborn to look after!!!

Thank you so much in advance for any help - and sorry for the mega long post!!

BubbleandSqueeeek Fri 18-Mar-16 11:05:01

Hi, I don't have any advice but in a similar position myself. Traumatic EMCS following failed induction last time with a tough recovery. Absolutely terrified of another section for this one.

I'm 31 weeks and they've said they'll leave me be until 42 weeks but following that, if I don't respond to gentle induction (no drip due to possibility of UR) I'll be booked in for an elective. I sobbed my heart out at that. I'm completely desperate for natural birth because I don't want to go under the knife again. Positive thoughts for both of us!!

RedToothBrush Fri 18-Mar-16 12:59:38

Reading your post you say you would like to have a VBAC but are worried about the following:

1) Your chances of a successful VBAC.
I believe there is some sort of calculator predicting your odds of a successful VBAC. Whilst this isn't an exact science, perhaps this might be useful to you, to weigh up the odds. (I think you can find one online - perhaps another poster can point you in the right direction as I don't know a link myself).

2) You want to avoid induction at all costs.
Have you thought about discussing a plan for a VBAC if you go into spontaneous labour but if you don't have an ELCS instead of the induction? A good hospital should offer this as an option in your circumstances.

3) Your needle phobia sounds like you would like to avoid a CS full stop.
Can you discuss this phobia with your midwife and come up for a plan / way to help you cope with this regardless of how you give birth.

Break down your concerns into chunks like above (I'm sure you have a few more) rather than trying to make a decision on the whole idea. You may find ways to deal with the smaller issues, which make the bigger picture easier to cope with.

WRITE IT DOWN as it will help solidify your anxieties and concerns and help you to discuss it with someone else better.

MazzleDazzle Fri 18-Mar-16 13:12:45

I'm sorry you had a shitty first birth. Regardless of what you decide, this time round will be easier. I was in a similar situation to you.

I had an emergency section first time round.

Second time round I desperate for a VBAC. I researched and tried everything to get the birth I wanted. After 2 days of contractions I ended up with an emergency section anyway. Even an emergency one was definitely better the second time round!

I'm pregnant again and this time I'm booked in for a planned section. The fact that it's planned means I can get organised as I know exactly when and how the baby will be here.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

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