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39 week induction promised but what if....

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locomomma Wed 16-Mar-16 22:46:14

Hi ladies
I had 3 degree tear on my last pregnancy and I'm due no 3 in June. I have discussed Elective section option but really feel an induction at 39 weeks would be best for me. They let me go 15 days overdue on last one so baby was big. Midwives say its a reasonable option to go for induction at 39 weeks but there's little hints and caveats that are worrying me. They say if I'm not favourable they would check me again at 40 weeks etc. I keep wondering where it will end if I'm still not favourable then? Has anyone been promised an early induction for medical reasons? Did things go according to plan? Seriously thinking of just going with a section and tolerating the recovery. Love to hear from others in a similar situation... Thoughts of being torn & tattered again make me shudder!

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Luc28 Wed 16-Mar-16 23:00:00

I was induced at term + 14 ... Tbh I was terrified having had 2 normal spontaneous deliveries already (both were t+14) I think each person is different and really would a week or so make much difference on the size. My 3rd plotted smallest on the graphs throughout but delivered 9lb9 and I definitely felt the difference 🙈 When I was induced I felt a mose intense contraction pain over a shorter period than I had with both other labours, I was very lucky no have no tears and a very straight forward delivery albeit the most painful. Given your previous complication I would look into all options and see how you feel nearer the time. A section may be longer recovery but how did you cope with the tear last time ... It may not happen again but if it does are you prepared to go through that again and what was the recovery like afterwards? Hope all goes well whatever you decide x

Luc28 Wed 16-Mar-16 23:02:58

I think if I were in your position and given the choice Id opt for section! You don't want to risk a tear again. Your health and the health of baby is priority X

totty12mum Fri 18-Mar-16 21:10:34

I was promised induction and then there was no space. Took 4 days of being messed around and kept hanging. Only happened then as they called me in at 11 at night, made me wait two hours then read my notes and decided they couldn't do it then, could I go home and call again at 8? The answer was no I bloody couldn't. Happy to go to any hospital but it needed to be then! I had third degree tear and large baby with first, second was bigger but only second degree tear, nothing like a third barely noticed it, out in 6 hrs good luck!

kiki22 Sat 19-Mar-16 20:24:02

I'm having a section due to problems with tearing and healing from ds I just can't put myself through the worry of ending up with the same thing again. Ive done lots of research and honestly feel its the best option for me not just physically but mentally.

Research away from parenting forums look for facts not opinions I found it best not to speak to people about if I should or should not because everyone is so different in there point of view and experience it just confuses it more when Jane says oh no just wait I did and it turned out great then Jill says I waited and it was hell it really doesnt help you at all.

pinguina16 Sat 19-Mar-16 20:54:28

Women with a previous severe tear have a slightly increased risk of it happening again. I hope they've discussed that with you.

As well as difficulty to sit + pain + longer healing time, did you suffer urinary and/or anal incontinence after previous birth?
How's your pelvic floor now?

As far as I know an induction puts you at higher risk of instruments which in turn puts you at higher risk of severe tearing.
What do they say about that?

locomomma Sat 19-Mar-16 21:06:51

Thanks everyone. You know Kiki it's all the 'opinions' that make it hard. I'm really coming to the conclusion that the certainty of a section would take away all the anxiety before and after the birth.

My biggest fear is having faecal incontinence. Normally I'm optimistic glass-half-full type and normally I like being 'the good girl' and going with the general consensus which in my hospital would mean having a natural delivery... but frankly, I'm not sure that any of them give a damn about my bodily functions postnatally. There's sort of a 'how bad can it be?' attitude and I am imagining shitting myself in a business meeting or at the school gates and think it could be bloody awful.

Totty12mum, it's all that faffing around that would probably push me over the edge, being brought in and sent home etc. Waiting to be 'favourable' is pretty much the same as waiting to go into labour.

Thanks for all the good advice! I'll think it over for another week or two and unless my mind changes, I'll push for an elective c-section.

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motherigloo Sat 19-Mar-16 21:16:05

OP - If we ever have baby no 2, I'll be in the same position as you. I had a 3rd deg tear with DS who was 8lb and back to back.

I will happily go into labour naturally but I will NOT allow myself to be induced. Because I feel that it was my induction that lead to me having an instrumental delivery - and in turn the tear. Research suggests that induction leads to an increased likelihood of intervention. So for this reason alone, I will be refusing any future inductions.

Chances are I will opt for a ELCS, but for me an induction would be a total no-no.

So by asking to be induced early, you risk an instrumental delivery by just being induced. Which in turn puts you at risk of further damage. IYSWIM?

Really rambley post. Sorry!

locomomma Sat 19-Mar-16 21:44:55

Motherigloo - funny as my induction was absolutely fine but I never put the induction down as the reason for the tear. I've always blamed the fact that he was 15 days overcooked and weighed 9 lb 3 oz. I didn't need any intervention, managed on gas and air. But you are right, inductions definitely do have a higher rate of intervention. The doc in the perineal clinic told me the only way to be sure to prevent further pelvic floor damage is CS and I guess whether it's induction or natural onset of labour and whether baby is big or small, no one can predict the outcome in a vag delivery. Cue -- anxiety!

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motherigloo Sat 19-Mar-16 22:10:59

It could have been so many things couldn't it. Maybe I'd have torn even if I had a non invasive delivery. Maybe it was just because he was back to back? Maybe it was because at 38 weeks he wasn't quite ready. Maybe it was because of the epidural.

But in my eyes for me the induction was a key factor.

An ELCS has its own risks but none of these risks will affect existing damage. So that's what I'd be doing.

kiki22 Sat 19-Mar-16 22:16:29

I feel that I am told all these statistics and what happens to most woman while I sit there thinking I don't give a shit about other people or the likelihood of this and that I care about me and my baby.

It really helped me watching videos on planned sections on you tube and looking into what happens before during and after, once I felt that I knew what in was dealing with the decision was easy, not that its an easy option but for me a more predictable one as much as any birth can be. Good luck 🍀

RandomMess Sat 19-Mar-16 22:16:35

I went T+17 was induced had a 10lb 6oz baby with no tearing (she was my 2nd mind) and not further intervention. I went on to have a further 2 babies that were induced without tearing or addition intervention

In your boat I'd be wanting a planned C-section.

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