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Early signs of twin labour or just super Uncomfy?

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possum18 Tue 15-Mar-16 17:52:47

The last 2 days I've felt really different. I'm approaching 34weeks with DCDA twin boys.
Had the most excruciating back pain which I've managed to avoid so far, can't get comfy anywhere. Had the weirdest sharp twinging pain in what I imagine is my cervix or very high up in my boys. Must have been to the loo for a number 2 (sorry tmi) at least 4/5 times today and I'm so uncomfortable. My whole bump aches and is really tender, I feel so sick.

Is this my body getting ready for labour or have I just hit my very very uncomfortable wall?
Last scan was a week ago and estimated weights were 4lb13 and 4lb14.

I know no one can tell me for sure, I'm just curious what's going on!

possum18 Tue 15-Mar-16 17:53:21

*high up in my bits!!! not boys

hotchilipepper Wed 16-Mar-16 03:34:10

I've been like this since about 34 weeks as well I truly hit the brick wall about then. I'm 36+5 now and feel horrendous, almost constant acid reflux, braxton hicks all day long, swollen feet and hands and really can't walk far at all due to crippling lower back pain. No real advice just commiserating on how crap late pregnancy is with twins is. Ps also having dcda boys who at last check were 6lb and 7lbs

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