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trying for VBA2C with breech baby

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Cuppachaplz Sat 12-Mar-16 14:29:05

35 weeks today.
However dating performed at 18w and the 2 measurements were 5 weeks apart, every scan since (4, including anomaly scan 2 w after dating) has had all measurements 3-4w ahead so the general consensus is that my dates are likely to be out.
I have had 2 previous sections; both of which had complications, and am very reluctant to repeat the experience.
My consultant is very supportive, and until yesterday I had been agreed an mlu delivery, with use of pools and intermittent monitoring allowed.
I was told yesterday that baby is extended breech me and its bottom is wedged quite low in my pelvis.
Consultant discussed all options with me.
ELCS (considering also when, given possible dating disparity)
ECV, contraindicated after 2 sections, but he us happy to attempt as he feels there is no real data.
Breech delivery, again contraindicated after 2 sections, but we can discuss if ECV fails.,,
The additional complication is short gap between pregnancies ( DS is 15m, but I healed well, and he feels that this shouldn't be an issue)
I'm booked for ECV on Thursday, and was hoping for some positive stories. Anyone out there been in this position?

Chocolatteaddict1 Sat 12-Mar-16 14:32:13

I think your very brave! I'd be asking for a general anastetic and wake me up when it's over!! flowers

Junosmum Sat 12-Mar-16 21:55:47

I also think you are very brave. Best of luck.Having had a vb, I REALLY don't see why they are so desirable.

Cuppachaplz Sun 13-Mar-16 11:11:44

I am not being brave. I am actually being total wuss. I am utterly terrified of another section.
My first was an EMCS after 2 days of active labour and failing to advance once fully dilated. I suffered a total wound breakdown afterwards and widespread abscessation and sepsis through my abdomen necessitating repeated returns to theatre. During one GA I crashed, requiring resuscitation.
The resultant adhesions are very likely the cause of the multiple miscarriages between this and the next pregnancy.
DS2 was delivered by semi-elective section (I was booked in for elcs at 35w as he had stopped growing, but went into spontaneous labour, so was allowed to precede, however he flipped to transverse so had to go to section anyway. I was already prepped). I crashed under the spinal during this procedure, and they had to totally stop the spinal to get my heart rate above 20. I refused a GA so that I would be able to hold and feed my baby so was stitched up fully conscious. Owing to a muddle up, I was not allowed post-op pain relief aside from paracetamol.
To me, a vaginal birth has to be preferable to a repeat of any of this...

nephrofox Sun 13-Mar-16 11:17:39

A truly elective section is a calm and positive experience, nothing like your previous 2.

Any other course of action seems crazy to me (and more than likely to result in another crash section)

Seriously, go elective as soon as they will let you. They'll have plenty time to repair and cut away scar tissue etc from before and probably leave you in a better state than you are now.

nephrofox Sun 13-Mar-16 11:19:02

You need to see a consultant anaesthetist to discuss options. There are bound to be some!

Azulejo9 Sun 13-Mar-16 11:22:50

The ECV procedure is very painful with no guarantee that it will work. Mine was unsuccessful. My baby eventually turned at 38 weeks only to flip back to breech position a day later. I had 2 previous VBAC so the option to deliver breech was given to me. After researching I decided not to go with a breech delivery. In your position I would discuss it in detail with your consultant and the fact you haven't had a previous VBAC due to failure to progress must be a factor in your decision. Best of luck

Cuppachaplz Sun 13-Mar-16 11:55:54

it was elective.
I was on the list for elective, had been prepped accordingly, and on my way up theatre when my membranes ruptured. I asked to VBAC, was told yes, but they would scan yo check the lie. DS turned under the scanner do back to theatre. There was no hurry, no distress, I was just moved one further down the list...

I seen a consultant anaesthetist repeatedly. I have s large list of allergies complicating things, however last time the anaesthetists repeated requests for me to be given opioids post op were ignored, no matter what he or I said.

Ultimately it is my choice, and I will not consent to a section unless there us absolutely no other option. However given that all suggestions to VBAC came from my fully supportive consultant, I fail to see the problem with listening to his suggestions and doing as he suggests.

I was only asking for positive breech VBAC stories as sat in hospital with a poorly baby stressing out, which is unlikely to be helping.

Cuppachaplz Sun 13-Mar-16 12:04:02

Thanks for the reply. I realise that ECV is likely to be painful, I would have avoided this and just gone for breech delivery had my consultant not convinced me that doing this would give me s better chance of s VBAC if successful. Also if successful I will be able to stick closer to my birth plan, and gave a more leeway at delivery.
I think I may have explained myself badly. Ds1 was a section for failure to progress, which they said in hindsight was due to a poor cephalic presentation (his head was rotated causing dystocia). This section went ok, but I arrested during laparotomy for sepsis and wound dehiscence a week later.
The second section was elective, but I had an adverse reaction to the spinal and had s bradycardia crash, but refused ga, so post op pain was an issue with no analgesia.

Azulejo9 Mon 14-Mar-16 09:11:55

Sorry I hope I didn't upset you. The ECV procedure while it can be painful & a little uncomfortable it also does work in majority of cases. They will scan you during the procedure and check placenta / baby position. It sounds like you've really been through a tough time. Best of luck and hope you get your VBAC and have a squishy newborn soon X

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