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When did you stop bleeding/being uncomfortable after second degree tear?

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UptownFunk00 Fri 11-Mar-16 17:53:19

Hi I was just wondering how long it took everyone to recover after birth when they had a second degree tear and when you stopped bleeding.

I am just over 4 weeks post birth and am only bleeding a little bit but after nearly a week of my undercarriage feeling OK it now seems sore and tight and not sure if this is 'normal' or not?

Just curious how long it took everyone to recover.

Gingergen2013 Sun 13-Mar-16 05:30:15

Am also 4 weeks post birth. Bleeding pretty much completely stopped about 4/5 days ago, no soreness or other adverse effects after 2nd degree tear as of yet. Hope you feel more comfortable soon.

magratsflyawayhair Sun 13-Mar-16 06:31:51

I had a 2nd degree year with my first. I bled post birth for about 5 weeks all in. Not properly at the end but enough for a pad not stung and hurt down there for what felt like forever but was probably only 6/7 weeks. I had grazing too.

Second time no tear and the difference was amazing!

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Sun 13-Mar-16 07:30:06

Get it checked by your midwife or GP. I've had two 2nd degree tears, one improved at first but was continuously sore for months because it did not heal properly and had eventually to be repaired; the other healed normally, was progressively less uncomfortable and fully healed within 5-6 weeks. (And I did not tear at all with dc3, just had a little graze - fully recovered within 3w!)

The bleeding is nothing to do with the tear.

TheyreMadITellYouMaaaad Sun 13-Mar-16 07:30:46

And congratulations!grin

MyBreadIsEggy Sun 13-Mar-16 07:32:00

I stopped bleeding and was without real pain about 5 weeks post birth. I still had the strange "tugging" sensation down there if I was doing a lot of walking for a couple of months, but that wasn't painful, just strange!!

Fugghetaboutit Sun 13-Mar-16 07:40:25

2 weeks with both

creamoftomato Sun 13-Mar-16 07:44:10

Hmm lucky folks above! I bled for 10 weeks with both my babies. I had an episiotomy with the first which was painful for 2/3 weeks, uncomfortable until about 8 weeks.

Fugghetaboutit Sun 13-Mar-16 08:27:58

My period came back at 4 weeks so still bleeding anyway. Nothing really
Lucky about any 2nd degree tear even if people felt a bit better sooner, my vagina looks awful and always will have a big gaping hole. Depressing.

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Sun 13-Mar-16 09:07:06

I was definitely still v tender when I had my pp checkup at 6 weeks - I couldn't bear for the GP to examine me. I think it was only another week or two after that though.

UptownFunk00 Sun 13-Mar-16 10:39:48

Does anyone else have an area that feels different to the touch than before? I have an area on the right against the wall that feels like a bumpy line?

magratsflyawayhair Mon 14-Mar-16 21:01:18

I've a bump at the entrance where I was stitched. It's not sore and isn't a bother. I guess it's a scar.

Paperblank Mon 14-Mar-16 21:16:05

2nd degree tear here too...I felt quite tender for about 10 days after giving birth ( thank god for thick maternity pads!) and it was a bit stingy when I had a wee, but all seems fine now though.

My DD is 3 weeks old on Wednesday and I am only bleeding very lightly now, however I do tend to bleed more when I've been on the go more than normal.

I haven't been brave enough to venture inside though!!

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