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Whatwillbexo Wed 09-Mar-16 02:18:57

Hi allwine
I had my daughter via c section 4 and a half weeks ago now and I'm just wondering if I'm going through the normal healing process or if any of this sounds abnormal to you?.. My blood loss was major at the beginning as expected then as the weeks past it completely stopped only for it to start again last week ranging from a dark colour to bright red. My scar is unbearably itchy, I've been noticing spots of blood from it on the tops of my knickers and earlier during my usual cleaning ritual I noticed it was wet and 'weeping' I never itch the wound only around it, anyone have any advice on how to speed up the healing process? It's been getting quite sore again lately toosad

cathpip Wed 09-Mar-16 02:31:26

I would get it checked by the dr, but I would also dig out the delightful big knickers again as it sounds like the rubbing from your knickers is irritating it. I also found a slim panty liner placed against the scar during the day helped keep it clean and dry, it also minimises rubbing, but then I do have an overhang. Also could the blood be your period? mine have all returned within 4/5 weeks irrelevant of if I've breast fed or not!

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