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perineum massage... 4weeks until EDD

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littleraysofsunshine Mon 07-Mar-16 21:35:00

I'm due with baby number four in four weeks, I had a second Deg tear with my previous three (aged 5,3.5,&2) never did the massage before but want to try this time.

The tears didn't cause me many problems but I would like to avoid if possible.

The thing is now is that I am so swollen down there I feel like I can't massage anything without feeling uncomfortable.

I've got the weleda massage oil but just can't seem to get the technique right due to feeling swollen.....

Anyone successfully done it and helped prevent tears?

Dixiechick17 Tue 08-Mar-16 09:01:27

I did the massage from about 35 weeks and still got a second degree tear, although it wasn't bad and caused me no issues. My friend told me that the key is to relax your pelvic floor when pushing... however I was too busy pushing to remember that, let alone try!

pinguina16 Tue 08-Mar-16 20:12:53

As far as I know evidence for the benefits of perineum massage (reducing tearing or reducing the severity of a tear) is strong before a first birth but less conclusive for subsequent births.

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