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2nd birth after a c section

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Sweetpea86 Sun 06-Mar-16 15:46:59

Hi ladies,

I'm not currently pregnant but plan to ttc in summer.

I'm utterly scared about 2nd pregnancy I suffered with servre sickness the whole way last couple of weeks I have preclampisa. Labour seemed to be never ending and all my friends said they stayed at home as long as possible.

I on the other had totally panicked and couldn't stay at home. While I was pregnant I told the midwife who scared I was and she did help a little.

I ended up in high dependancy due to preeclampsia. It seemed to take hours and hours for me to dilate so they give me pethadine which didn't help. They give me and epidural which failed 3 times before it worked and it was just never ending after 20 hours I got to pushing and my little boys head was there. But I ended up being rushed to an em cs.

What happens next time. Can I request another c section or can I have a natural birth. It's putting me off having another baby I'm so worried.

I know I sound ridiculous but it's a genuine fear.

I'm scared that I go through a long labour to it end in a c section again .

Any ladies had c section and what happens with your 2nd pregnancy

Sorry to ramble.

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