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induction for SPD

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Beeeeckyy Fri 04-Mar-16 18:31:45

On Monday I am being induced due to severe SPD (I have spent the last two weeks in hospital almost completely immobile). I have been warned about the chances of a failed induction and the chance of needing an emergency section.

Has anyone got experience in having a natural birth with spd? Is all fours a good choice?

And does anyone have experience in recovering from a csection while also recovering from spd?

Also any induction stories or advice welcome too!

totty12mum Wed 09-Mar-16 21:47:36

Had SPD in two pregnancies and was induced in both. Had epidural for first so was on back and ended up with forceps. Had epidural 2nd time but it failed and by the time that became apparent it was too late to do anything, was on all fours then much to everyone's horror as they thought I'd keel over. Both time SPD much better within four weeks, off crutches in 2 weeks. Good luck, SPD sucks but it's worth it! Twice is enough though!

strangerjo Sat 09-Apr-16 00:11:48

I had a c section because of spd which started when I was 7wks pregnant! Spd pain disappeared on delivery which I didn't believe would happen (hooray!) although I'm still recovering from the c section after 6wks.

I didn't want to risk long term joint problems because I already had mobility issues prior to pregnancy. But physios, obstetricians and midwives all told me that a natural delivery would have been possible with severe spd. I think the Pelvic Partnership has some advice but things like keeping legs close together, avoiding stirrups and forceps if possible, keeping mobile during delivery - all this should help. x

AdvocateNotAdvocat Wed 20-Apr-16 17:01:52

There is some evidence that using water for labour/birth can be useful for women with SPD as water provides buoyancy and you are able to get into the best position for you. Be wary of heavy epidural as you aren't aware of the damage possibly being caused due to your positioning, as pp refers to above,

NotCitrus Wed 20-Apr-16 18:57:26

I had bad SPD twice (in a wheelchair for 5 months with ds, jsut as bad but mostly in bed with dd).
First time I used water which was great, but after 8 hours apparently there's a risk of it slowing birth down (or maybe just stupidly slow anyway) so as waters had broken and it got more painful, I had an epidural. DP was very clear from the start that his job was to ensure my knees were kept max 12in apart, with a loop of rope round them.

It did need DP and best mate and a strong midwife to get me onto all fours, which was a good position to push in. though second time round had only DP and a tiny midwife with injured shoulder and they couldn't do it. Both times I had a ventouse delivery.

Had to slowly build up muscles again with walking - took over 6 months.

LumpishAndIllogical Wed 20-Apr-16 21:44:03

I have scoliosis in lower back, permanently tilted pelvis (so always have lower back, pelvic and hip problems) and had bad SPD in last pregnancy.

Was mobile in Labour and didn't open legs at all. Delivered fine on all fours, only gas and air and pethidine. Lots of physio following birth but recovered very well.

Pregnant again now, forgot how rubbish SPD!

Goodluck x

LumpishAndIllogical Wed 20-Apr-16 21:48:26

Forgot to say, when I was on all fours I was on the bed propped up by raised back of bed and lots of cushions. My mum, DP and Midwife helped me with positioning myself.

I think all fours worked well for me! Even tho I had physio after birth I def didn't feel the birth made it worse and not being pregnant anymore helped a lot.

Hawkmoth Wed 20-Apr-16 21:50:26

I've had SPD for four pregnancies. The worst recovery I've had was from a lying down ventouse delivery. The others I've delivered standing, all fours and leaning over the couch and it got better much quicker.

My advice for recovery would also be NOT to push a pram. Get a sling that spreads the weight over your shoulders and waist. I did myself in pushing a fancy pram about, wrecked my back for ages even though all the pain had previously been at the front.

Also avoid shopping trolleys and hoovering. For ever if possible!

Good luck with the birth.

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