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Transverse baby- what does this mean for me?

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macdat Mon 29-Feb-16 17:53:12

This is my first baby, I'm only 32, almost 33 weeks so I understand the baby still has time to move into the right position but I'm still slightly worried.
I've been told that majority of babies have moved into the right position by 28 weeks. Were all yours in the right position by then?
If your baby was transverse, what happened for your birth? Is it always cesarean?

I have a last scan booked for 37 weeks, just because I'm part of a medical trial. I am considering asking my midwife for an extra scan with them before that to see if it's still transverse, how likely is she to actually book this for me?
I'd just rather know sooner rather than later if I need to prepare myself for a cesarean or not so don't want to wait til the last minute.

Thanks smile

cathpip Mon 29-Feb-16 17:56:58

2 of mine were transverse, they both turned, 1 at 37weeks the other at38 weeks. Both were sections regardless of position due to size and previous sections, they weighed 10.9lbs and 11.6lbs smile. Take a look at the spinning babies website, it's full of information.

almostthirty Mon 29-Feb-16 18:00:43

Both my dc were transverse. The first turned at 36 weeks (the day before midwife was going to refer me for c section ). The 2nd turned at 35 +something.

I kew each of mine had turned without scan or midwife appointment as I have never been so sick in my life. An odd stomach ache like nothing I have before or since and so much sick.
The midwife said it was because by this stage there isn't much room for babies to move so the stomach was emptied.

There is still time. My midwife was holding on until 37 weeks before booking a c section.

5madthings Mon 29-Feb-16 18:01:20

My baby has been transverse or beech up until this last week when it has gone head down. I am 35wks. My midwife said they wouldn't worry til 36wks then they will arrange a scan to check but also recommend the spinning babies website to help encourage baby to get into good position.

almostthirty Mon 29-Feb-16 18:01:26

Mine were both small is. 1 was 5lbs 12 the other 6lbs 4.

originalmavis Mon 29-Feb-16 18:04:31

It's only a very small % of babies who don't turn in time for the birth, and they usually do so quite lateish on, so 33 weeks is still early. Don't worry, still lots of time.

5madthings Mon 29-Feb-16 18:11:51

It's about 3% of babies tgst don't turn. At 28wks about 20-25% won't be head down but most turn and it's at 36wks they will refer for scan to check and think about options such as ecv.

But you can do stuff to encourage baby to turn, watch posture, keep knees below pelvis when sitting, kneeling and going on all fours etc.

Re Suze of baby, my baby is measuring on 97th percentile is probably about 7lbs at moment and should be 10lb Ish at birth (all my babies have been big) it has still turned and is very active and mobile.

There is def still time for baby to move, they can even turn during labour.

macdat Mon 29-Feb-16 19:00:37

Thanks everybody, this has reassured me quite a bit.
cathpip thanks for the site, I've had a quick look and it looks helpful, I've bookmarked to go back to it later.
5madthings thank you too, I'll follow that advice and hopefully she'll turn by my next scan.

MrsPCR Tue 01-Mar-16 04:37:50

My baby is transverse (I think, scan to confirm today at 36+4). I'm awake as baby has decided it doesn't need a scan and is going to ram its whole body up into my rib cage and stick out so clearly. hmm

I'll let you know how I get on but I believe the plan is to speak to the consultant after the scan to book in for an ECV.

If baby stays transverse, it is always a c section as nothing can physically engage and often the umbilical is not in a favourable position for delivery.

My baby feels very tight in there now. I know there is still 'plenty' of room for it to turn, but it shows no signs.

If it's your first baby, there is less chance of an ECV working because your stomach muscles etc are still quite tight.

My midwife advised me to do as much research as possible into breech babies before this appointment as so you know what the choices are.

MariaV0nTrapp Tue 01-Mar-16 05:58:38

My dd 7m was transverse. she was my 9th dc. They kept sending me for scans (right up until 39 weeks) and on the scan day she was always head down. Obviously my uterus is not as tight after holding all my babies and they wriggle loads... anyway, I pushed for induction on my due date. I was terrified of going into labour and her being transverse as all of my previous babies have Been massive (9lb 7 - 11lb 6). They flew out without me pushing within a couple of hours of contractions starting and at the same time as my waters going. I was never offered a section but was told I may need an em-sec. confused I was induced and they couldn't get a good trace. Midwife asked dr to scan me, Dr knew better and had a feel "baby is head down. Give it another hour or so, break her waters and pop a clip on baby's head" so midwife did as was told (my dd still not really being monitored) I got to the point I knew she was coming, mw popped my waters to get the clip on, and out shoots a leg, blood and a section of umbilical cord swiftly followed by half a placenta and another leg and she proceeded to poop all over the place. My mw and dh literally screamed at me to "push her out NOW". She was born, not breathing, floppy, dark grey and wrapped in her cord. She didn't breathe for a few minutes. Worst day of my life. I ended up in theatre anyway because I was massively haemorrhaging.

My dd is perfectly fine now THANK GOD but Please be aware of what can happen. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone and in hindsight I should've pushed for an elective section... although I think I should have been offered one from the outset and I and my dd was failed massively.

(Sorry if that's all mumbo jumbo, she has me up early with teething and I'm knackered)

adagio Tue 01-Mar-16 06:20:03

Both mine were transverse till late on -36/37 weeks. I watched a lot of evening telly on sort of all fours but over a bean bag so supported without doing my knees/wrists in. I used spinning babies and did a daisy birthing/yoga type move a few times each eve, sat with knees lower than hips in work (adjusted chair), walked loads (at least 11k steps a day on Fitbit, but often 13/14k if I could find time). Also tried mindful positive visualisations (very woo but hey, was desperate!).

Both babes turned on their own, no idea if the stuff I did helped but I was very keen to have a natural birth (and hate hospitals so more to the point really really wanted to dodge an operation and stay in hospital if at all possible!).
Good luck smile

April2013 Tue 01-Mar-16 08:19:54

Sounds like you have 3 weeks till they will start to worry about it and highly likely to go head down in that time - the NICE guidelines say offer to admit at 37 weeks, so incase of cord prolapse you can have an emergency c section quickly, but I think you can choose to stay at home if someone is with you\you could get to hospital fast, heard from NCT that hospitals admit BTW 36 and 38 weeks with it - depending on how risk averse they are I guess. My baby has unstable lie so seems to mostly be transverse but occasionally other positions. I pushed to be admitted at 36 weeks yesterday as I live a fair way from hospital and have an ECV booked for Mon and c section at 38 weeks. I feel otherwise totally fine so it is very weird and feel very guilty to be in hospital but at least if my waters break I am in the right place, just don't want something to go wrong at this late stage. Does anyone know about ECV and risks of turning? Would you say risk of ECV lower than risks of transverse till end then c section?

Maria - v glad your daughter is OK smile

MariaV0nTrapp Tue 01-Mar-16 08:56:31

Thanks April

Don't feel bad about being in hospital, you did the right thing. I looked into ECV and didn't like what I saw, I swore I would never have it done and DH agreed. Not that it would have made a difference with mine anyway as she was flipping and turning until last minute.

wonkylegs Tue 01-Mar-16 09:04:09

For the final months of my pregnacy with ourDS I had scans every 2 weeks at each one he'd turned round. Finally when my waters broke at 36wks he was head down and in the right position. (Not that that mattered in the end as he was born by emcs but that's another story)
I'm now 30wks had a scan yesterday and this one is breech atm but I'm guessing after the painful movement last night & the def head that's poking out the side, it's turned and is currently transverse I'm guessing it'll have moved again by my next scan in 2weeks. I def produce wriggly babies. I think it's surprising just how much they can move in there. It doesn't really matter for me as this time I'm having a elcs.

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