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Hospital choices! Homerton? UCH? Whittington? St Thomas'?

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Nickname1980 Wed 24-Feb-16 21:16:28

I'm pregnant with my third child and had two kind of bad births before. Ok, not terrible, just not pleasant and quite medicalised (for good reason).

Anyway - the Homerton is my closest hospital, and it would certainly be the most convenient, but I've heard really mixed things about it. Anyone had a non-straight-forward birth that was dealt with well there?

Similarly, anyone got an opinion on which is the best hospital to give birth in if you're north london(ish)? (Hackney.) I don't mean the best in terms of distance, but just great care.

(Just actually posted something else on this board about private rooms after the birth too. Lots of questions tonight!

imip Wed 24-Feb-16 21:20:28

UCH would be my choice. I had 5 children at Homerton, but I hear lots of good things about UCH and I do speak to women who have had babies in the local area as part of my volunteer role.

Nickname1980 Wed 24-Feb-16 21:28:17

How interesting that UCH would be your choice after having 5 children at the Homerton, imip! Do you think the Homerton could have been better than it was?

My second was born at UCH and i thought the pre-care was amazing but the after-care was non-existent. But I was healthy after so it didn't matter, I guess. I am curious to see if another hospital has the reputation of being great for both pre- and post- natal care (and also the travel into Warren St for midwife appointments will be a bit of a bore...)

imip Wed 24-Feb-16 21:48:42

No, I'm not entirely convinced that care has improved at Homerton, and certainly not post-natal care. Tbh, post natal care is never good anywhere. I remained at Homerton because I had a particular condition that I knew would be handled in a particular way there, that wasn't guaranteed anywhere else.
It's true that I've spoken to more women who have had their babies at UCH, but they have generally all had very good experiences. If you thought your antenatal care as good, I'd stick with that!

aimees75 Wed 24-Feb-16 22:50:29

First baby at the Homerton with lots of intervention needed. Nice staff but the midwife was inexperienced and didn't realise baby was stuck and I suffered a prolapse afterwards. The post-Natal ward was dreadful and I cried a lot afterwards about my stay there.
Just has twins two weeks ago at the Whittington and they were amazing, a whole world of difference. I had a c-section. The post-natal ward was great and couldn't be more different to the Homerton, so much staff and all so caring and obliging. They picked up tongue tie and referred us straight away for this, whereas dd1 also had tongue tie and the Homerton couldn't care less.

macdat Wed 24-Feb-16 23:43:10

This one is for Homerton, they should have some for all hospitals. Not that detailed, but at least gives you a bit of an idea. If you also Google something like "maternity reviews X hospital" you should be able to find quite a few too.

Nickname1980 Thu 25-Feb-16 08:46:17

That sounds awful, aimees75. I've heard some really mixed things about the Homerton. Shame as it's so close to me!

Great that your next experience at theWhittington was so good. I wonder if it's less crazy-busy there than UCH so maybe more time for midwives to give to mums after birth?! I don't know!

aimees75 Thu 25-Feb-16 12:51:48

Nickname they said they were busy but I could see free bays every day. It didn't feel busy it felt relaxed (or as relaxed as it could be) and I kept thinking this is SO much nicer than the Homerton! I wasn't able to breat feed my daughter at the Homerton and we wee given one bottle and told to buy our own formula. At the Whittington I was also not able to breastfeed my two (all 3 have had tongue tie) and we were given as much sterilised bottles and formula as we needed, and they helped me feed them in the middle of the night.

Nickname1980 Thu 25-Feb-16 22:36:21

aimees75- it's so good that you had a positive experience after a negative one! And with twins (congratulations!!).

I am definitely going to look into the Whittington more now! Always liked the idea of it.

Quodlibet Fri 26-Feb-16 04:09:29

I gave birth at St Thomas last time and thought the care was very good - I got to experience the full range of care, including 5 shifts of midwives, from midwife led unit through consultant led unit and postnatal unit! The only downside of postnatal was 4 to a ward, but that's pretty normal and the care inc BF support was good. I have opted to go back there for my 2nd.

manateeandcake Sun 28-Feb-16 17:05:37

I've had two babies at the Homerton, the first three years ago and the second four months ago. First birth was not straightforward: induced at 37 weeks for obstetric cholestasis, ended up having a ventouse delivery. The midwife I had throughout most of my labour and birth was brilliant. Postnatal ward was busy but OK. I generally felt positive about the experience which is why I decided to give birth there again (I actually live a bit closer to the Royal London). Second time I gave birth in the midwife led birth centre and it was amazing. Lovely midwives, gorgeous room, can't fault it. The antenatal care was also mostly great, apart from a doctor who wanted to induce me at 38 weeks for absolutely no reason at all hmm.

Cerseirys Sun 28-Feb-16 17:09:42

I can't fault the care I received at the Whittington, and the birth centre was wonderful when I had DS two years ago. I can't tell you what the labour or postnatal wards are like but I think they underwent a considerable refurbish recently.

Vinorosso74 Mon 29-Feb-16 08:36:26

Had my DD at Whittington (6 years ago) and the staff were mostly lovely. Like most hospitals the post natal ward was understaffed but I believe partners can stay overnight now. I know people who have had babies at both Whittington and UCH recently and have been happy with their choices.
Also bear in mind how easy the journey is to the hospital. Traffic around UCH can get very busy. I would rule out St Thomas if you live in Hackney.

XingXingFox Mon 29-Feb-16 08:42:49

I love the Homerton, has DD1 there three years ago v straightforward. Had DD2 there as a home birth, amazing support . When she became dangerously ill at 10 days, the midwives were the ones to spot it and continued to be an amazing source of support. I don't know what complications you have but I think the paediatric car is really good there too.

RoseBud999 Mon 29-Feb-16 08:50:02

I've had 3 children at Homerton in the space of 8 years, and have found the post natal care abysmal each time. In fact only hours after my last (c-section) in 2014, I was dragged out of the bed by 2 midwives, in terrible pain and with a trail of blood running behind me.

I had my first in 2006, and don't think the care has improved at all since then. Unfortunately it is my nearest hospital and the next closest one is at least an hour away.

Eastie77 Mon 29-Feb-16 22:07:51

Homerton is closest to me but I chose UCH for both of my DC and happy with my choice. Pre-natal care at UCH was good, post-natal ward a bit chaotic.

TaperJeanGirl Mon 29-Feb-16 22:14:31

I have had 5 births at the Homerton, ( 1 natural, 4 sections) I cannot fault them for antenatal care, absolutely brilliant, all 4 sections went very well and the care from all the theatre staff was amazing too.... Post natal ward... Horrendous... I ran out of there each time almost as soon as I could feel my legs!

Ava50x Sun 13-Mar-16 23:16:17

Fantastic experience at the Homerton here...
TBH I'd heard so many mixed opinions that I just wasn't sure whether it was worth risking it. But I did and I'm glad I did!
Antenatal care was superb. Gave birth in the MLU- can't recommend it enough. Midwife was so caring and was with me the entire time. Went to bring cold drinks for Dh and me, showered me after the birth, sat with me for about an hour to get breastfeeding started. Honestly don't have a negative word to say about the whole experience!
I was discharged 6 hours later straight from the birth centre so I can't tell you about the postnatal ward but apparently it has its peak times and quiet times so if you're lucky you can end up there at a quiet time- as my friend did. She said the midwives were bored, kept checking in on her, sterilised the bottles for her, etc.
Hope this helps!

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