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changing nhs trusts

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mumwhoruns Fri 19-Feb-16 20:04:35

I'm considering changing where I give birth. I'm 32 weeks.
I gave birth at hospital a with first. It was traumatic. They dealt with birth well but then I went downhill. There were a lot of unanswered q as to what happened. So I don't know if it could have been prevented or not or whether it was just one of those things. Haemorrhage and no blood transfusion until I went downhill, drugs given that I reacted badly too, Drs unsure how to treat me etc etc. They thought I had hellp syndrome but they were never sure. Anyway the trust also treated tongue tie at 4 months. Although they didn't do it properly and so ended up having to get it done privately. However, that said they treated my son when he was ill at 6 weeks and were great, and the care I got in hdu was great too. I have scary memories of the hospital though.
Now second time around the care provided by gp and midwives has been crap. Missed blood tests, no blood forms given to me, gp not sure what midwives doing and vice verse as their systems don't function together. Time wasted going there for appts I did not need. The midwife that was there has gone and been replaced by a not great one. Not great bedside manner. For example last visit she got distracted by phone calling, not really listening to me, did not even ask how I was feeling etc. Then got cross when I said I was thinking of moving hospital as associated last time with bad experience.
However, I also get that all of this is just unfortunate. I may get lucky with treatment at either hospital and I may have a straightforward birth or I may not. I know how the community team are is not an indicator of what will happen in hospital. Though am getting a bit tired of having to follow everything up myself like flu and whooping cough jab, requesting bloods for being itchy and having to chase results when they went missing.
I have an appt with consultant in couple weeks in hospital 1. Presume to review what happened first time. Bit worried if I move now the new hospital won't know much about my history. I called them and they were more than happy to take me now saying I would need another booking appt and blood test but unless dr requested wouldn't have my old notes.
Phew! Essay, anyway bit unsure whether to just stay with hospital 1 and try and get over poor experience and hope labour ok and don't associate bad stuff etc, or gave a bit of hassle and move hospital now to have clean go of it and maybe feel more relaxed.

mumwhoruns Sun 21-Feb-16 14:16:37

Bump anyone?

JellyBaby26 Tue 23-Feb-16 10:28:05

Not very helpful but I changed trusts for my second. Had a horrifying experience (nothing the hcp's could have done though) and couldn't face going back to the same place to give birth again.

With missing blood tests etc I guess that's just the luck of the draw and is human error that you could get anywhere.

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