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Laurenem Sun 07-Feb-16 21:54:41

Hi all

I had my baby girl 2 weeks ago, I stopped bleeding about 5 days ago, but started bleeding again today, it's not heavy at all. Was just wondering if this is normal or if I need to contact the GP? Sorry if a silly question, this is my first baby.

LastGirlOnTheLeft Sun 07-Feb-16 21:57:10

I have had four children and with each one the bleeding was different. I'd say you are absolutely fine, but remember that is what your HV is for so do talk to her!!

bunnyrabbit93 Wed 17-Feb-16 11:54:29

I would ask the health Vistor just for reassurance but the same happened to me after my DD after I did exercise I bleed smile

Picklesauage Wed 17-Feb-16 14:23:39

Totally normal, often it coincides with you getting more active. If it starts to smell or you suddenly get a temperature, go get seen.(personal experience on both fronts!) Other than that, keep the maternity pads going!

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