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Anyone changed hospitals at 36 weeks?

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FTMeeek Sun 07-Feb-16 17:52:57

Looking for some advice! I'm having an awful time at my current hospital, it has been one error after another since the start of my pregnancy. I've had awful care from consultants and been made to feel like a stupid, whinging woman. For example one of my notes after seeing the consultant says "Tearful with backache" and that's it! Not that I've been bed bound because of my back for the past week! Anyway I've lost faith in the hospital complete and want to transfer to my next nearest hospital but am now worried it is too late to transfer and see the relevant consultants. Has anyone else transferred this late?

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liquidrevolution Sun 07-Feb-16 18:11:51

I changed at 25 weeks. saw a consultamt at new hospital at 28 weeks. Some confusion as i ended up with gestational diabetes at 39 weeks and the consultant from the first hospital called to explain procedures but easily sorted and I never regretted decision.

Just speak to your midwife. Incidentally the midwife thought I should not change due to thyroid specialist at the first hospital but it was such an 'everyday' complication i wasnt that fussed.

Woody16 Sun 07-Feb-16 20:18:40

It's not too late, I booked in at a new hospital at 35+4 and saw obstetrician for a plan at 37 weeks. Just in the nick of time as baby came at 37+5! You need to ask your community midwife to refer you and get her to really push to rush things through. I was lucky to have an extremely supportive midwife. The hospital should be good if they realise how far are along you are and expedite things.

Muchtoomuchtodo Sun 07-Feb-16 20:25:18

I did. I'd said all along that I wasn't going to deliver at my closest hospital as it was changing to a midwife led unit half way through my pregnancy. The next easiest hospital to get to was in a neighbouring health board so nobody was keen for me to go there.

I kept on and on and finally got a referral at about 36 weeks (it was 10.5 years ago so I can't remember exactly). I had a checking in appt there and the usual follow up from then on. I ended up being induced and it was all fine.

Stick to your guns and good luck xxx

FTMeeek Sun 07-Feb-16 21:03:40

Thank you for your replies. Not the ideal situation to be in but relieved to hear it has worked for others.

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Mummyme87 Sun 07-Feb-16 21:32:46

You can change but can take a little while. Also some hospitals don't accept late transfers and have caps on numbers. Most places won't refer you either you need to refer yourself

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