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Induction @38 weeks - obstetric cholestasis - share experiences?

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ProfessionalChameleon Sun 07-Feb-16 09:47:47


After lots of blood tests and umming and ahhhing, yesterday I was diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis. I was immediately booked in for induction at 38+0 which is this coming Saturday.

I'm scared of induction as it is early and my body is showing no signs of being ready. I asked if we could opt for c-section and we were told absolutely not.

I definitely want to do the right thing for the baby, and understand that we need to get it out at 38 weeks, but I don't really want to go through days of hell with induction procedures.

Does anyone have experience of early induction for OC? What was it like? And how long did you have to stay in the ward afterwards?

Is there anything I should be aware of in order to stand up for myself?

I've had a completely low risk pregnancy so far (37 weeks) and always envisaged giving birth in the birthing centre with my hypno birthing techniques etc so this is such a change from what I've prepped for and I've only got a week to get used to it.

Experience from lovely MNs would be wonderful right now.

Gaudete Sun 07-Feb-16 16:42:46

I was induced at 38+2 for OC. They gave me the results of the blood tests and sent me straight down for the induction. I hadn't even finished packing my hospital bag which my husband was sent home for. Induced at 12.30 pm and gave birth at 3.48 am. It wasn't what I'd hoped for but to be honest I was just glad that the baby arrived safely.

Having been induced recently with DS2 at 40+6 not for OC I would say the actual induction was pretty much the same, although we were left to our own devices the second time round. The continuous monitoring through labour with DS1 meant that there was always someone around which I found reassuring. Good luck!

Squashybanana Sun 07-Feb-16 16:50:53

Mine was a farce. Given a sweep at 37+1, water broke at 37+2, went to hospital put on ante/postnatal ward because of needing monitoring and antibiotics once in labour. Got ignored all day. Went into labour, carried on being ignored. Told labour/ delivery suites all full. Eventually got checked despite begging to go to delivery suite as previous labours went v quick after being examined. Was told I was only 3 cm and not in established labour. 18 minutes later I had my DD in my arms, she was born on the ward. No monitoring smile Luckily a happy ending for both of us.

baffledmummy Mon 08-Feb-16 05:26:08

I was diagnosed with OC at 37 weeks and they wanted to deliver straight away too as by bile acids were off the charts. I panicked and refused until I did some research - held out till 37+3 by which time I was delirious with the itch (I was also a fetching shade of orange!). I also had no signs of imminent labour when I was induced.

I had the pessary in for 24 hours after which I was about 2cm and had some light contractions - the midwife gave me a sweep then (no gel) and my waters broke 2 hours after that. Unfortunately there was a 13 hour delay in a bed becoming available for delivery during which my contractions completely stopped and so I had to go on the drip but once I was on it, it took about 3 hours.

I think once you are induced the OC doesn't make much difference other than you wont be allowed to go home and will be monitored more often. The actual induction process is the same as any other induction.

DD was born healthy and happy! Its quite a scary thing to be faced with OP but at 38 weeks you are in a great position for the baby to be born safely. Good luck!

PenguinPoser Mon 08-Feb-16 06:09:31

I was induced at 37 weeks exactly for OC - first baby and my bloods had been monitored for 5 weeks then taken a massive leap in the wrong direction.
I had a membrane sweep at 36+6 expecting not much but the consultant nearly fell off the bed and told me I was 'favourable' already. I was admitted and had one pessary to soften cervix more. Next morning they broke my waters at 9am, drip started 10am and I was fully dilated at 2pm!

I was like you expecting it it take days as I'd had no signs of anything starting by itself but I think my body had other ideas.

Hope all goes well for you! flowers

ProfessionalChameleon Mon 08-Feb-16 08:31:08

Thanks so much for your replies. I have a regular appointment with the midwife today, and your replies have made me think of more questions I want to ask about the whole process, which is v helpful. I hate realising an hour after leaving the appointment that I do have questions so I feel ahead of the game today.

Am also now prepared that she might offer me a sweep today which I hadn't considered....

Feeling a bit more confident now. Thank you for sharing.

JLH688 Mon 08-Feb-16 22:27:43

Hi I have also found out today that I also have Obstetric cholestasis sad I am 38+3 third pregnancy. I have to go to hospital tomorrow for them to assess what to do but an induction has been mentioned sad had straight forward natural births with my other two, feeling very nervous and apprehensive now sad xx

sparkleface Fri 12-Feb-16 08:17:19

Hello everyone!

I have also just been diagnosed with OC after a bit of a strange period where my ALT levels were massively raised, but my bile acids were normal and they weren't quite sure what to do with me. My bile acids have gone up to 39 now, and apparently the cut off point for induction is 40, so I'm still being awkward! Going in for an appointment today to discuss the plan for the future. I'm only 32 weeks so I've got plenty of time to a) get my head round induction and b) get scared about it, so it's good to know that people have had reasonable experiences. I hope those who may be induced soon are feeling ok and that it goes well. Yours, in itchy solidarity, sparkleface

ProfessionalChameleon2 Fri 12-Feb-16 11:05:50

Hi JL and Sparkle, it's the OP here. I had to name change the last few days blush

JL - hoping everything is ok. At least they spotted it so are dealing with it. Fingers are crossed for you. flowers

Sparkle - you're in a really similar position to me! ALT raised for ages, loads of itching, but now, at 38 weeks my induction is cancelled as my ALTs are falling and bile acids are normal! In the space of five days I've gone from hearing I needed induction on Saturday and being booked in, to being told I'm now classified as low risk again! My head is all over the place.

Good luck today with your appointment and give us an update on the plan. It's not easy when it's not a black and white answer is it? flowers

sparkleface Sun 14-Feb-16 22:05:38

Oh that's really interesting Prof though it must be rather disconcerting. How do you feel about not being induced any more? I saw an OC specialist on Friday and she says I need to be monitored regularly, but at the moment it's looking likely that I will need to be induced. To be honest even though I know induced labours can be hard, I think I would rather that just to be on the 'safe side'. But then I don't think I was ever going to be allowed the waterbirth I really wanted because of my BMI, so it's not such a loss. I'm also taking part in a clinical trial for Urso, but I don't know (obviously) whether I have a placebo or the urso and I am itching SO MUCH today I wish I was just straight forwardly taking the urso. Did you take it? Do you know why your bile acids/ALTs have dropped? The specialist I spoke to said that it was quite rare for this to happen, so you must have a powerful liver!

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