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What pain relief were you offered after C-section?

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PizzaConnoisseur Sat 06-Feb-16 14:02:59

I'm just wondering after reading another thread. I was in excruciating pain after having my daughter and could barely move. I was offered paracetamol, and it was only after really badgering them that they gave me codeine. I was offered stronger pain relief during a more minor op a few years before, so it seems strange that they would give so little after a major operation.

Is this now standard procedure? Or just a blip?

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PathOfLeastResitance Sat 06-Feb-16 14:17:15

I had morphine and codeine.

MarjorieWinklepicker Sat 06-Feb-16 14:19:21

Codeine and paracetamol for me.

Whatdoidohelp Sat 06-Feb-16 14:20:34

I had ibupfofen or paracetamol (can't remember) and dihydracodiene.

My after pains were worse than contractions and at times I was begging for more.

I bet in any other ward where major surgery is carried out a patient wouldn't be offered two fucking paracetamol. Why is a cesarean and how serious it is treated like a small procedure? I remember a midwife shouting at me cause I couldn't roll over in bed 7 hours after a cesarean so she could change the bloody sheets under me. I felt like shouting that "my stomach muscles have just been cut apart and stitched back up, I have a catheter in and a spinal that is not quite worn off you stupid bitch."

Quietattheback Sat 06-Feb-16 14:22:00

Morphine straight after and then paracetamol and diclofenac afterwards.

andadietcoke Sat 06-Feb-16 14:24:30

Oramorph for the first 24 hours then paracetamol and ibuprofen.

mrsmugoo Sat 06-Feb-16 14:25:49

I had paracetamol & ibuprofen but also one dose of oral morphine which sent me sideways and I didn't feel safe in charge of my baby so I declined any more.

Paracetamol & ibuprofen were fine - but you've got to keep on top of the dosage and not let it wear off.

OvO Sat 06-Feb-16 14:27:27

I had morphine, I think. I was hooked up to a machine where I could press a button every 5 minutes and get a hit. grin

blackteaplease Sat 06-Feb-16 14:27:52

Paracetamol and diclofenac for all three with one tramadol for dc2 and one oramorph for dc3.

Third time round they discharged me with nothing and told me to go to Tesco. The community midwife was appalled and got me a prescription for diclofenac pretty quickly.

Icklepickle101 Sat 06-Feb-16 14:29:09

Codeine and paracetamol every 6 hours, one night I asked for some more paracetamol 5 hours after previous dose and was told it was too soon for anymore so if I needed extra pain relief it would need to be morphine?! hmm

I think when they do the spinal they put some diamorphine in which is meant to cover the worst of the pain

CorBlimeyTrousers Sat 06-Feb-16 14:29:26

Morphine added to the catheter thing in my hand while on the recovery ward. Then some kind of oral morphine on the postnatal ward. Then paracetamol plus I think ibuprofen or possibly diclofenac. It seemed sufficient. I wasn't in agony and I think it was useful to have some feedback about what movements tugged on the incision.

confusedandemployed Sat 06-Feb-16 14:30:07

2 doses of tramadol in hospital, then just paracetamol. I was lucky though, I recovered very well.

Mummyme87 Sat 06-Feb-16 14:30:28

Codeine is not advised in breastfeeding mothers as small amount passes through breast milk.

Usually paracetamol and ibuprofen with morphine as required

hazeyjane Sat 06-Feb-16 14:32:28

Morphine and paracetamol and codeine (allergic to diclofenac etc)

FuzzyOwl Sat 06-Feb-16 14:32:36

I had a suppository of diclofenac put in whilst I was being sewn up and otherwise I was given paracetamol. I was in for about 36 hours and discharged with more paracetamol and something to inject (clexane?) to help prevent blood clots. Luckily I had some decent painkillers at home!

mayflyaway Sat 06-Feb-16 14:34:06

I had 4 sections between 2000 & 2011- had a variety of pain relief ... paracteamol, ibuprofen, diclofenac (I don't think the offer this post section any more), codeine, oromorph & tramadol.

I asked my anaesthetist to write me up for the strong stuff before I left recovery (which they were happy to do) ... ime midwives are reluctant to give you more than paracetamol.

VagueIdeas Sat 06-Feb-16 14:34:37

Funny how different it can be.

I had IV paracetamol after the epidural wore off, and then oral ibuprofen and paracetamol after that. I didn't need anything stronger.

allegretto Sat 06-Feb-16 14:41:22

I can beat that - I wasn't given anything except a cup of tea! I do think tea is miraculous but doesn't do much for pain relief. Eventually I was given two paracetamol and ended up phoning Boots in secret to ask if it was ok to also take some ibuprofen I got DH to smuggle in...

OvO Sat 06-Feb-16 14:44:18

I was in agony straight after all 3 of my sections (even when using the morphine pump) and each time they were excellent at getting a dctor quickly and then giving me something else to take the edge off.

blueshoes Sat 06-Feb-16 14:57:14

Morphine jab when I was in pain in hospital overnight after the op - rude night nurse though. Discharged with co-codamol and paracetamol. I found paracetamol to be sufficient.

BakedPotatoChangedMyLife Sat 06-Feb-16 15:03:22

C section 4 weeks ago: had something in suppository firm (no idea what!) And oral morphine, paracetamol and diclofenac (discharged with a weeks suppy) Discharged after 24 hours

ohanami Sat 06-Feb-16 15:32:40

I had a suppository of some kind in theatre (wasn't even aware of the anaesthetist putting it in, I only twigged a few days later what he'd said when he mentioned painkillers!) Then a dose of oramorph a few hours later - I'd had fluid on my lungs and trying to cough up the gunk that was left behind was excruciating. After that alternated ibuprofen and paracetamol but the offer of more pain relief was always there and a midwife checked in regularly on pain levels.

ThursdayLastWeek Sat 06-Feb-16 15:36:17

I don't remember exactly. I had a few doses of oramorph, and deffo had paracetamol and diclophenac.

I had codeine when I went back in to get a blood patch and it was heavenly.

ThursdayLastWeek Sat 06-Feb-16 15:37:44

Oh yes I had a suppository in theatre.

spnfan Sat 06-Feb-16 15:44:30

Paracetamol and ibroprofen here too! Had 2 doses of oramorph in the first 24 hours.

Had diamorphine during the surgery so that started to wear off shortly after I left theatre (it also made me so itchy I wanted to scratch my face off!).

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