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VBAC success stories

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white66 Thu 04-Feb-16 19:52:22

I know this has been done loads of times before but I'd love to hear some successful VBAC stories! I had an EMCS 3 years ago due to fetal distress prior to labour starting so I've never felt a contraction or dilated at all. I'm now pregnant with my 2nd and my hospital currently decline maternal request CS, I'm in 2 minds about fighting it to be honest but am also thinking I may embrace a VBAC! Is there anything you did that helped you prepare for a VBAC for example yoga? Did you have a strict plan in mind- my main thing is I'm terrified of forceps and would want to make them aware I'm declining them- did anyone else do this? Thanks in advance, I just feel I would like to be fully mentally prepared

mawbroon Thu 04-Feb-16 20:00:56

Ds1 was breech (bicornuate uterus) so I had an elective section.

Ds2 was a wait and see job, but luckily he was much smaller and managed to get turned head down.

I wasn't too fussed about a VBAC until I broke my ankle and had surgery at 34 weeks pregnant. Suddenly the idea of a section wound whilst on crutches filled me with dread!

Anyway, I was lucky that it went to plan, although ds2 was lifted out with forceps in the end because of his stats. He was fine, no damage and I had a tiny episiotomy

My recovery from the VBAC was so much easier than from the section.

I hope it goes well for you

teacherwith2kids Thu 04-Feb-16 20:13:53


DS's birth was 'exciting'. He had - has - an abnormally large head, very long from front to back, and got very, very stuck. EMCS after failed trial of forceps, which saw 2 people pulling him out by his feet and one person pushing from 'below' to dislodge his head. When i went in to consult about whether to have VBAC or section for DD, I overheard consultant and a colleague discussing my notes, and it was only from the tone of alarm and concern in her voice that I really processed how unusually touch and go the whole thing was

DD was a textbook perfect VBAC. Short, straightforward labour.

What helped me was that there was a clear reason why DS got stuck, and by the time I went into labour with DD, I knew that it didn't apply to her. i had a late scan for her (36 weeks) and it showed that she had a normal, 50th centile head circumference. Therefore i went into the VBAC positively - there was no REASON why the same problem should occur, and so I truly believed it would all be OK. And it was.

For you, it is much the same. Once you get to labour, you will know that the reason for your EMCS hasn't happened again, so you can labour with optimism that there is no reason for there to be a problem. I think it is much harder when there has just been 'uunspecified failure to progress', leading to an EMCS in a first pregnancy, because there would always be the 'I don't know why it didn't work last time, so it might not work again' negative dialogue going on in your head.

white66 Thu 04-Feb-16 20:30:52

Teacher your so right, I feel really confident about a VBAC if I can naturally go into labour! That's what causes my issues- I feel I will probably go 2 weeks overdue again and end up with an EMCS again! I'm hoping to do some hypnobirthing to help with my mindset!
Mawbroon thank you, it's good to hear people who have had positive VBAC, I'm trying to focus on hopefully a more straightforward recovery after with my 3 year old at home!

Livelifefortoday Thu 04-Feb-16 20:31:22

Maggie Howell's Effective Birth Preparation book and cd really helped me to focus on having a successful vbac. I really wanted to experience a vaginal birth, even though some friends thought this was sheer madness when I could have elected to have a section. The book helped me to relax and focus on the positive. So pleased with how it all turned out, not a short labour and needed a drip as contractions had slowed right down, so I had an epidural. I tore quite badly (sorry if TMI) so was sore for 1-2 weeks, a bit longer than I expected, but didn't have the worry of complications with the section scar.
The midwife should monitor you carefully and if any problems they told me I would be whipped in for a section, so I had nothing to lose.
I personally enjoyed the experience of my waters breaking, pushing baby out and holding him for the first time, it was so much more natural than a section. Thankful that I had the luxury of choice as not all women do.

Hope it all goes well for you.

white66 Thu 04-Feb-16 20:37:13

Thanks live, I will look up the book it sounds just what I need. I was all up for an ELCS until the midwife handed me a letter at booking stating they no longer do maternal request, so I've never really felt the desire for a vaginal birth at all- I'm trying to embrace it as I'm trying to look on the positives of a straightforward VBAC like quicker discharge etc. It's good to hear that VBAC has worked for you all as I only have 2 friends who attempted them and both ended up with EMCS

Livelifefortoday Thu 04-Feb-16 21:13:26

Midwife did say after birth that she was expecting me to need a section as many women do with a vbac, but I guess I was just lucky. Dc1 was breech presentation and dc2 was textbook head down so for me mentally I felt like there was no reason I couldn't have a vbac. According to the book, if you are positive and relaxed, your muscles are more relaxed, cervix dilates easier etc so more likely to have an uncomplicated birth. I'm no expert in these things but it certainly helped me. It was the best preparation I could have had. Two of my friends have used the book and cd since and both said the same thing. I think there is a version of the book specifically for vbac although the version I had was standard one.

Good luck!

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