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What to pack for elective section?!

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lfitzgerald100 Thu 04-Feb-16 15:24:49

I've been booked in today for a c section on the 23rd Feb and just wondering how much to take with me?! I'm hoping I won't be in that long and I am going to push to be out as soon as possible but not sure what to take with me?!

Millionprammiles Thu 04-Feb-16 16:28:16

There are various routine checks they'll need to do for you and baby so depending on how long it takes them to get through them, you may be in two nights even though everythings normal. Of use, I took:

Nightwear (easy access top for bf), underwear, socks, dressing gown
Slip on slippers or flip flops (you won't be able to bend down easily)
Toiletries & towel
San Towels
Pillow (hospital ones were crap)
Nappies and clothes for baby
Snacks (hospital food wasn't great and often I was feeding/in bathroom etc when meals trolley came round).

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