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Preterm warning signs and labour stories 36+

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WalkingBlind Mon 25-Jan-16 23:57:29

Im 36+2 and have a feeling I won't carry full term but have no idea why. I've had natural labour once before with DD (3yrs) and she arrived at 40+1.

Those of you who had natural preterm were there any warning signs?

My baby's head is very low as recorded at the midwife today and if I stand up I feel the pressure on my waters like they would pop if I moved too quick. My waters didn't burst at all last time and needed done at the hospital and I haven't felt this feeling before so not sure if it's just down to being second baby or not?

I have strong Braxton Hicks a lot and today even got a couple of what I'd class as 'real' contractions pain-wise but I had a nap and they went when I woke up. They were strong enough to wake me every time I got one though.

My last labour basically went "Lose mucus plug, have contractions at home, go to hospital and discover I'm 6cm, get waters burst, 17hrs in total".

Would love to know if anyone sensed their preterm labour coming? Or how your preterm labour 36 weeks and onwards developed?

frazzledbutcalm Tue 26-Jan-16 13:12:36

Dc4 - head was very low from 30 weeks. Waters were 'bulging' from 32 weeks. Braxton hicks VERY strong from 32 weeks. Midwives convinced I was in labour at 34 weeks - I knew I wasn't. All professionals were convinced I would not go full term and would deliver any day from my 32 week assessments. Every time I had a clinic appointment etc they would comment on how low the head was, how bulging my waters were, how strong my 'contractions' were - "expect to deliver any day" I was told. Ds was induced at 40+4 grin Waters broken, nothing happened for 10 minutes then I felt pressure, waited a further 10 minutes (no pain, just pressure) then told dh to go and find the midwife (my sister) and tell her I can feel pressure. Midwife came, examined me, frantically told me not to push! Took 5 mins or so to get another midwife in and get their 'stuff' ready. Ds was born after 5 minutes of pushing! Good job my waters didn't go at home! wink

I don't think you can ever tell.
Good luck flowers

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