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Birth Plan for 'Gentle' Elective C-Section?

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Posey01 Thu 21-Jan-16 14:02:54

Hi all- due baby number 1 in a few weeks and baby is breech (still time to turn but just covering other bases re.birth plans for now)...we were hoping for a hypno birthing homebirth but think baby is footling breech-so I just wanted to know if anyone has had gentle/natural elective C- section (I'm thinking vaginal swabs onto the new born, instant skin to skin/breast feeding...)

Any birth plan outline/websites/info/advice would be really helpful -
Thank you in advance smile

LumpySpaceCow Thu 21-Jan-16 19:45:01

My 2nd was section due to footling breech and it's looking like the 3Rd will be as well. I too planned home laid plans and all that grin
My DH was in with me from start whilst having spinal, cannula in left hand (I am right handed), ecg leads on back to facilitate skin to skin, delayed cord clamping, holding baby up so we saw sex, cord left longer and my husband cut it when being weighed, immediate skin to skin and breast fed in recovery (was difficult to position in theatre) and a clip on bedside cot.
As baby breech they said it would be unsafe to have the womb contract the baby out like they could in cephalic sections. They couldn't drop the curtain as it physically couldn't be done.
I personally don't think the evidence is there for the vaginal swabbing. Coincidently I was discussing today with doc and she has looked at the evidence and it is sketchy. She also made the point of if you had gbs and inadvertently infected baby. She said the baby will get flora from skin to skin and breastfeeding which there is evidence to support.
For what it's worth,my section was positive and healing after a traumatic first birth. If this baby turns then want a vbac for the recovery (recovery after section was fine but will be a different kettle of fish with newborn and one year old!) but I am booked for a section in case he doesn't and feel positive about a repeat.
Hope that helps smile

Posey01 Fri 22-Jan-16 10:33:41

Hi Lumpy - thanks for your thoughts, that does help smile Much appreciated.

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